Saturday, November 5, 2016

HAT punches below the belt! bye bye 8271

         Thanks for nothing. HAT discontinues 8271 Dervish Warriors. FUCK!
Nah, maybe its not that bad? No it is. I really really liked those minis. Now I will be stuck with Waterloo "AP011." Waterloo uses a different plastic. HAT's plastic is softer. The minis lifetime is longer. Waterloo's plastic is brittle. You will lose spears when you de-sprue them. What more Waterloo's mold is pretty shity or it is wearing out. There is a large deal of flash and some swords are half there. Plus Waterloo gives you a very poor mule and rider, useless and a waste of space on the frame.
Moving on. The minis are the same size. HAT's are thicker. Waterloo's are more skinny. Some side by side action. Look at Waterloo's frame, so wasteful. They need to get one of GW's frame guy to fix this 
And here is the useless mule and rider dude. You get four flag dude and four mule/riders per box. I have a bag full of them!

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