Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flag on the play!

This is total bullshit. With the way GW attacks other people over IP. We get this;

Citadel Paints are pretty easy to work with. The entire line is designed so that every step of the way is really easy to follow: basecoat, shade, highlight – it’s right there on the paint pot. 

The Foundry system anyone, anyone? 
Foundry’s acrylic paints have been specially designed to suit my painting style. Each main colour is teamed up with a ready mixed highlight and shading tone, which means you won’t have to spend lots of time mixing paints, you won’t be wasting any paint, and you can be sure the colours will be consistent. There’s a huge range of colours in big 20ml pots, which are quick drying and intermixable with other manufacturers’ acrylic paint.
I use them all the time and can’t recommend them enough.

Kevin Dallimore

His book came out in 2005/6 and reprinted in 2010.

Go with Foundry paints. Much better quality.

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  1. Couldn't agree more, but for a few goldie oldie games I'm willing to drop some cash. Now I think about it though, those are all low model count, low continual investment games, like this one!