Monday, March 15, 2021

Net EA Tau Viorla Vs Lyanden 3000pts

        I have not played Epic in 6 months. Or longer! It has been so long that I thought I was getting myself lost going to Kal's house. Did I miss the turn. Its not this far. This does not look like the way.

        It has been so long, I was worried about remembering how to play. when looking at what to bring. World Eaters and Nids became massively complicated. I couldn't make a list for the Fists. I didn't want to take an old tourney list, this was a dice throwing event. Not a smash mouth tourney work up. 

        So I pulled the Tau out of retirement. I was thinking with a shoty memory I need an army that didn't send me to the QRF for every roll. No one wants to be dragged along another failure to perpare one's self.         With the blue fish, I dusted off the broken shelved Tau big suits. I played the Riptides and friends at AdeptiCon one year. They smashed everyone to pieces. They were extra broken.

2018 AdeptiCon list
(extra 50pts are the test reduction of the Manta's cost)

        After that event the suits never came out again. Until this Sunday. I sent Kal my list ahead of time. Kal took out his point ears. He was loaded for bear. All RA with meltas.

Kal List;

My List
        I said he was loaded for bear. The big suits are tougher than knights. They did not care. At all! It took 4 activations to break the Y'VaHra. That was the worst result for the suits. I took him 5 - 0. They are too tough. They should save on a 4-4 or a 3-6Inv. The 4-4-6 and 3-3-6 have sent them back to the dusty shelf again.

        It wasn't that my dice were hot. I still failed 9 activation in the 3 turns. One group of Fire Warriors failed every time. I failed 4 activation in turn 3 in a row! Cross fire, marker lights, and 2 hits 1 kill out of 9 dice?

enjoy the pictures


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