Saturday, June 23, 2018

Storage after storage

           Unpacking this mess is like the greatest Christmas ever! As each box vomits treasures long forgotten,  yes forgotten. Thats right forgotten, because I have found multiple, multiple orders of the same thing twice over. eBay and the post master will be busy these coming months.
        As the sun rises over my new empire, it still looks likes the ruins of a once great war gaming mess. Almost everything is unpacked. Far from sorted into proper gaming categories. There is a smallish box of shit for ebay. And at least two full days before I can hit the painting table for some true brush time.
          Last time is was stuck in the garage. It was remodeled but still the garage. This time, I get a work space in the garage and a separate gaming area.
        The over head single crap bulb needs to be replace. Both printers are unboxed. Hell if I can find the filament. I did find all the Forge World Epic masters and molds. I owe Jon some roads.
          I do have a space for a proper gaming table actually in the house. I just need that gaming table to be built. But what size? 6 by 8, 7x 12 is floating around in my head. Hopefully in the 6 feet under style. Lighting changed and a bar added, but the dart machine is up and running. And after 3 years rotting in storage it turned on first time.
The Sudan, FoF, Zombies, Epic, and 28mm ancients have been unpacked and placed in trays. The only the 20mm hummers suffered damage. All the ACW is in piss poor shape. A months work of sorting and basing issues.

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