Monday, June 25, 2018

20mm Colonial bagage

        My little area in the new house is shaping up. Enough that I could sit and paint some stuff tonight.
         Finally back to the 20mm Colonial. Nope, I am still fucking around. (Epic DAs, BAs, Tau, Titans) But while doing so, I ran across Early War minis on FB. Next thing 32 minis are in bound. Hey I don't have any baggage dudes, nor donkeys humping (not camel hump) artillery. 

No shit right? Come on now. Not that type of baggage. But right?
The fees these poor bastards paid to get their shit humped (camel hump) across the desert? Makes hump day and man love Thursday seem more real.
 I will get these dudes primed up tonight. And painted within a week.
 Got to knuckle down. The 20mm colonials are failing to meet this year goal of a grand painted. I could be close to 100 painted?
 The DAs THawks took a beat down. 15 minutes of glue-ing myself to myself while the parts fall off.

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