Monday, May 6, 2024

Spanish History from Spain

        After the 3 body series. I got the book. The book is a 1000 time better than the series. The book has the female scientist and the cop. There series breaks down the main female character into 4 different ones. Power ranger bullshit. One is gay, one is black, one is chinesse, one a pothead, another a failure, another social warrior and they all have high school relationships. 

        I wonder if that is because the industry is jamming ideas into and onto you? The more you hear and see the more reality shifts. It is a KGB theory on how to change society.

         Or they loved the story, but had a fear 90% of viewers are too fucking stupid to understand the concepts that create the backdrop to the concepts explored? A series with a heavy physics language, and advanced astro physics concepts would have the multitude turning off in the first 6 minutes.  

        The book was good enough for me to finish it flying. I ordered the second half way through.

            This one I pre-ordered. I had forgotten all about it. There it was waiting for me when I got home. I smoked through the first 4 chapters. Its very good. There is a social justice introduction. It is well defended point. Spanish Ancient history has been left high dry. Over looked and out researched by Roman and Greek. The English, French, and German historical publishing industry is established. The Spanish does not exist. These being the reasons for the lack of publications. 
            I saw this first hand in Argentina. The Spanish don't have book shelves. No book stores outside of grade school ed. They could not believe I owned and bought some many books with me. They always saw me reading. I rarely or never saw them reading anything! They did have an interest and expressed the desire to read what I had. But the language barrier and their lack of availability shot them down.
            After the defining statements in the intro the book gets into the Spanish, tactics, weapons, and warrior culture right away. The social justice is gone. It is a true scholarly work. Hopefully one of many that will come out of Spain translated.


Bought = 506
Sold = 493, 27 detachments, 5 armies

Painted = 353
28mm = 46
20mm = 0
15mm = 96
10mm = 0
Epic = 40
Terrain bought = 30
Terrain painted = 170

Printed Terrain = 0
Minis Printed = 0

Games = 8
Games hosted = 0

Bought = 5
Read = 4


Bought = 321, 6 collections, 6 armies, 4 buildings
Sold = 142, 166 Detachments, 6 Armies, 1 Collection
Painted = 950

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