Wednesday, October 19, 2016


          Finally plowed thru the Poison King. The first half of the book was great. He is a good story teller. Very entertaining. About the time you reach the pictures, it starts to drag. More so than most ancient books. It is not the author's fault. I am willing to bet the publisher wanted "X" number of pages. Which forced old boy to chart out fluff and then to repeat himself. All work and no fun make Mayor a dull boy.
         Finished! Go Strong into the desert. Great pictures. It reads well enough, but I could always put it down. Unlike the Poison King, I read until the sun chased me back inside or my ass got sore. Col. Snook's other books are much much better.
         Next up is, Dervish "the Rise and Fall of an African empire" by  Warner. This time a view from the dervish side.

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