Sunday, November 30, 2014

World Eater project list

         With everything ordered and boxes landing almost every other day. If I don't write something down, a plan, this will never ever get finished. I really want to bang this out.

          So the plan will be to lay it all out a head of time. I would guess somewhere near 6000 points worth. The first 4000 will be just to get a fieldable army on the table. Then the last 2000 will be wish list and detachments to fill in for what does not workout or give the feel of World Eater-ness.

                                                       The List
Legion Tactic (rhinos)
Legion Tactical x2 Spartans
Legion Termies x6
Rampagers x6
Rampagers x6
Comtemptor dreads (x2 WE)
Legion Dread Talon (x2 WE)
Sky Hunters
Strike Cruiser

Lords of War
Storm Bird

          I will paint by detachments. Every tank based on FoW med and L bases. The INF and LV on the round french bases. First 700 points will be an 8 stand plus rhinos Legion Tactical detachment and a 6 stand Rampagers Detachment.
          The Rampagers will be a mix of Khrone WEs, old school 2nd Ed marines with some forumware. Rampagers will be 4 to a stand, to give them that uncontrolled rushed assault of crazies.

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