Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sudan project XIV "India troops"

          Long time coming. These poor bastrads received no attention all month. With my daughter sick and cabin fever building. I was forced to do something. Yep, bitching now that I HAVE time to paint. Next I will complain about cold free beer!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Sudan project XV "Dervish Camelry"

Not too many source pictures of these dudes saddled up on camels.

My boys will have the plastic shit spears replaced with metal ones. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday

Black Tree Designs 50% off ancients

Victrix code BlackFriday2016

GameCraft  code black15

Scenic Express 20% over 100.00 all weekend


          Delta cracked open the Xmas bag early. Plane tickets starting at 5,000 miles. (5,000 a leg)
          Surprisingly someones ass is going to get fired. Those 5,000 mile tickets lined up with the black friday sale. Say what? Thanks newly unemployed dude!

          I am flying from Argentine to Lancaster for HGMS Cold Wars. Once Cold Wars is over, I fly from Lancaster to Chicago. After AdeptiCon, Chicago back home to Argentina. All for 114.10USD and 37,500 miles! Bend over Skymiles I'm about to get mine!
         The future of elite. MoFo please. I am riding in the back with the goats and chickens right next to the engine. While being granted the loving privilege of paying for every fucking bag. At least international is still free beer. 18 hour return trip. Thats a river of beer and about 15 trips to the bathroom.
         (I have been a total complete points whore for years. Private and business life, traveling for the company and Uncle Sam. Never used a point.) 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sudan project XIII "Sudanese Tribesmen"

          Well these bastards took forever to finish. Not real happy with the way the flag dude came out. On the fast track, I have ordered 20mm flags. Screw wasting time and whatever hair I got left picking around with painting flags.
          The fantastic Waterloo mold and shity plastic strikes this group hard. Most the spears are half formed. Some swords are missing or look like daggers. The spears I will replace with metal ones. They have been ordered.
No chance they will ever fix their mold. I will have to buy them at shows and no longer from the internet. Each box will have to be inspected.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Adepticon Registration opens TONIGHT *****updated*****

AdeptiCon 2017 registration opens TONIGHT, 21AUG2016, at 8pm CST.
*****That right I am going*****

          Saturday 14:30
          Saturday 18:00
          Saturday 21:00
                      Better pack a sandwiches and a cooler. No break???
          Sunday   09:00

Friday, November 18, 2016