Friday, April 3, 2020

Containment "Lock Down Work" part III

The virus has been renamed to the CCP-Virus.
        They keep bumping the restart date farther out. It looks like we will be on lock down until June. Just guessing, nah not guessing, straight up clowning calculations. Hit up the Quarantine Song, by Mat Best.
        Still working my way thru the 20mm pile. Never thought 20mm would be a focus effort this year.
        One more resin house.


        Last MDF house

Some random Ebay palm trees


        1970 Cubans in Africa
Lizard pattern Camo
         The problem with Cubans is there are jack all nothing for colored pictures. Their equipment seems to be stated as one thing and pictorial evidence tells a different story. I guess whatever was issued was junk, didn't last, their were shortages, and the guys made do with what was available. This goes for camo also. It says they wore soviet green or lizard pattern. I will skip the lizard pattern and go soviet greens. If your dressed different, you stand out and you'll be a target.

Cubans in Africa

         Two more tile for the Japanese table. Both have the rice paddies from Timecast. I have to find level places from the water effects to cure.

4 random Blood Angels attack bikes.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

InHouse gaming table part V

        The CCP virus has left me with nothing to do. Except be a school teacher and paint soldiers and try not to axe murder the family. When there is free time, I paint little dudes and shoot the goddam squirrels. The Mofos are eating my trees!

        I tried to straight get mats custom cut. The problem is my table is 6 x 5/12. No one could o 51/2 or 6 x 6. Deep cut mats would do two 5/12 x 3 for 195 + shipping. So it looks like I will be mickey mousing this.
        The terrain on the table would shift or slide. Especially the Geo-Hex. Yesterday's effort was to pull the side rails paint them. Then while they were off cover the gaming surface with foam rubber. I was going to use tool box liner, but it is expensive. Being on lock down I order this crap from Amazon. It is 30 a roll. I need two to cover the surface.
         Each roll is 24 feet long. Yet for some reason one of the rolls had a line where it could be ripped off. WTF! We will see how tough or how long this crap lasts.
        Two runs are laid down the long way. The seem is taped on the back side. The drawer edge and edge where the table meet, the rub mat crap is flush to the edge. The short edges are wrapped under and stapled down.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Containment "Lock Down Work" part II

        Last night was going to be game night. My mate said his mother inlaw may have the plague. She got tested, no result. Still he believes they were contaminated. No Force on Force.
        Dog walking I ran into another preacher dude walking his dog. He is interested in wargaming. He said he would call for a demo.
 A lot going in in this mess. No focus just getting stuff done.
       Back to painting and building. Nothing else to do. I mowed the yard. Then shot the bunnies and squirrels. The little bastards were eat my flowers.
       The last of the 20mm buildings got finished. 20mm police, EOD, and medics. I started on the cars and technicals. Epic is always there in the back of my mind calling me. The IFs got another Devastator detachment and started to look at the AT buildings.

         The OCP came out wicked dark. Maybe I failed to mix the final wash properly?
Pjs or Navy Docs
 Navy EOD
SWAT breachers

 Imperial Fists Devastators

         Finally back into painting 10mm. There are a few more units on the table to complete. Then I have to count up and see what is needed to get an army on the field.

Numidian or Cartho citizen spearmen

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Containment "Lock Down Work" part I

        Just like everyone else the plague has us on lock down. Work is semi closed, but I don't do jack anyways. The only issue is I can not force myself to get behind the brush to do ancients. Any thing but ancients!
         Onward to that which is getting done. Force on Force is getting the balk of the attention. Mostly because I played a game in which I couldn't find things. Which resulted into finding stuff to do.

4 more 20mm MDF buildings.

20mm African Government forces

Downed pilots
Scout Sniper team

Makeshift barriers. A truck and trash. School bus and trash.

Japanese house

Trees, bamboo.

         36 Nappy trees got based flocked and sealed. 17 pine and 19 leaf type dudes. 9 stand of bamboo. They are a twice too tall for the 10mm Japanese.