Friday, January 18, 2019

30K World Eaters

         I think this project started way back in 2015. Now it is 2019. What happened? I retired, sold my house, everything went into storage, moved to Argentina, bought a house, got married again, got residency, mom got sick, dad had a stroke, sold a house, moved back, bought another house, and got all my stuff out of storage.
         Now in 2019 I wonder who bought all this shit?
World Eaters from UK, Italy, and Fight club
I could have purchased my own island, maintained a coke, and hooker habit.
        Where do I sit now? Well I got more stuff than I remember. Plus a butt ton more that was ordered during my Argentine escape. There is no way I will suffer supply issues. Of course now seemed almost like I planned it with the 30K Horus Heresy supplier C&D by GW.
         More importantly I have started up again. It took so long to get started as I had lost the box of french bases. Some fool label the box as trees! Anyways some dudes got painted.
INF bases


More arms that don't stay on;

Original color scheme post;
          I have settled of white primer. WE white will be foundry Austrian White 67B, highlighted by Italeri Gloss white. This combination with the use of a wet palette keeps the white from looking chunky, and like cake icing. WE blue will be foundry Prussian blue 66C, highlighted by Bavarian cornflower blue 73C. Red will be model color's Red 033, highlighted by Cavalry brown 137.

First group finished in years

So far;

World Eaters Bare Metal         = 354
World Eaters Painted               = 30
World Eaters Armor Based     = 16
World Eaters Based                 = 21
Detachments Completed         = 4
Objectives                               = 3

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Warmaster Ancients "Rep Romans"

         More left overs getting finished up from last year. This group was primed and taking up painting sticks. They will represent the Hill tribes or Latin allies.


        Oh I struggle with hand painting shield. I practiced drawing them over and over again. There is a  big difference between a pencil and brush, paper and curved lead. Being the smart guy I am, I did start with the back row. Their shields will be mostly hidden by the front rank.

       At arms length its ok. Up close, I suck! One side is easy to do. The mirror image is much more difficult. Also getting them the same height is never happening.
         The first legion is done. 58 dudes, 108 hand painted little horses. Total bitch, 3 times faster than using transferrs. 
        No the 1st legion, just my first. There is no historical record stating the 1st legion had this shield design. I just thought it was cool looking.

          The bases will get flocked all together as an army. Otherwise there is no way they will look the same or look like they belong together.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Warmaster weekend.

         The goal for the 2019 will be continuing the Warmaster Weekend efforts. This up coming year will be Samurai, Araby, Romans, Successors, Spanish. These are the mugs to get done. And done they will get. Unlike other New Year goals, I started already.

Samurai WIP

Cartho WIP

Roman      WIP

Araby        I am pretty happy with the regular arab infantry. The elite purple dudes will most likely end up as place holders until I find a better choice.


          The fields are kind of busted. Past the end of their life. I will be slowly making them useful again, with a finish date of AdeptiCon. I ripped all the hedging and crap stones of the edges. The fur was cut down to fit the building (old glory) and to extend the walls. The wall pieces are from Terrain Concepts.

 Tomb King WIP.

Magnetic warmaster bases

Monday, January 7, 2019

Castle Arts bought by Pendraken


We've just bought the Castle Arts 10mm Japanese buildings range, including castles, temples and more! More info on the Pendraken MiniaturesForum:,18137.0.html

Did you buy the Castle Arts Japanese miniatures range?
We didn't buy the miniatures range, only the buildings.  Our own range could do with some work so we've decided to completely overhaul our Samurai figures with brand new sculpts and more pose variety.  This job has been scheduled for April/May/June so the new figures will be coming online around the same time as the last of the buildings comes into production.

Epic IF and BA add ons

          Last of the Epic stuff being finished off before breaking out the 30K World Eaters. One more detachment of speeders for the IF army. Every slot in their case is full. The Fists are complete for now. Only thing missing to field every option is the AA platforms.

Metal squares were added to the bottom as a counter weight.

The army as it stands today;

         The Blood Angels never see the light of day. They are one of my largest space marine armies. All old school as they were the first army painted? Maybe.
          Sadly they rarely get taken out. Mostly due to the list never getting settled. There is some constant fight over the stormraven gunship. Which is exactly what has been sitting on my paint table for years. Now all of them are done.
          The BAs need some BA specific objectives and then I can say they are done. Yet somewhere hide is a box of the Italian's Blood Angel sculpts.

 I also got around to finishing the tractor part of the trailer trucks.