Monday, October 24, 2016

Sudan project XI

          Finally got around to picking out the details and sealing these dudes. They have been kicking around for a better part of the month.

         I was not too interested in painting little diamonds. A thin red line on a dude here and here was about as good as it was going to get. Mostly because I am so smart, I based them before painting. Yep! Limits what could be done with out pulling them up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


          Finally plowed thru the Poison King. The first half of the book was great. He is a good story teller. Very entertaining. About the time you reach the pictures, it starts to drag. More so than most ancient books. It is not the author's fault. I am willing to bet the publisher wanted "X" number of pages. Which forced old boy to chart out fluff and then to repeat himself. All work and no fun make Mayor a dull boy.
         Finished! Go Strong into the desert. Great pictures. It reads well enough, but I could always put it down. Unlike the Poison King, I read until the sun chased me back inside or my ass got sore. Col. Snook's other books are much much better.
         Next up is, Dervish "the Rise and Fall of an African empire" by  Warner. This time a view from the dervish side.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Epic Tourney in Toronto

          Of course now that I have left NY all sorts of tourneys pop up. Well, Toronto is a great time! Plus playing Epic and hitting the duty free on the way back. I have been cheated yet again.

                                                                     Duty Free
          Saturday November 26th. Get your ass to Toronto!   Toronto Autunm Assault  Follow the links for details and tourney pack.
Net Epic Tournament Pack:
                                                                        Fall In

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pre order

                                                          Warlord Games

That was an easy sale for them!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lost and Found

I packed every bag to move. I have no idea how these two got here. Especially the FW bunker top. This top piece has been missing for years. I remember looking and looking for it. Even when the original terrain piece was rebased, I searched for the top. Scary how it just showed up!

         Then there is this shapeways print. It has to be 2 years old. I have not been around shape ways for at least that long.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


         Amazon got me again. Sucked another 25 bucks out of my pocket slicker than a Paris gipsy.

         The Indian Mutiny struck at the very heart of the British Empire. If India was lost the whole edifice of British domination across its colonies was in jeopardy. Everything was at stake, Britain’s leading role in the word, its international commerce and the reputation of its armed forces. 
        Across the globe Britain ruled only through the compliance of the subordinate nations – but if India could throw off the imperialist yolk others might also rebel. The very fate of the Empire hung in the balance.
       The situation was considered to be so serious that the British authorities extended the warrant of the newly-created Victoria Cross to include anyone, even civil servants, who performed prodigious acts of valor to save India, and save the Empire.   
       A total 182 VCs were awarded during the Mutiny, the same number as in the whole of the Second World War, climaxing in one day at Lucknow when twenty-four men displayed extraordinary valor to raise the siege – the most VCs ever won in a single day.

Sounds good huh? Now I just have to wait for my Xmas visit to the states.