Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mail time goodies

        I don't know why I bought them. The chaos bomber thing was dirt cheap. That one is not my fault.

shhhhhh now I got my own Zero idea what to do with it.

HMGS Cold Wars 2020 dates

        Improvements continue at the Wyndham. The owners are slow. Wicked slow. It is not the Host you remember even so. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Net Epic Armageddon Tool

        Success. After years of searching, half asssed, the tool has been made. Burned into 3mm MDF. I have 13 left available from the first burning. 5 beans each if you want one.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters Red Butchers, Primarch, Kharn, and WIP

         Finally Big Mean and Nasty and his insane in the brain friends. 8 stands of Red Butchers. 1 with the Primarch out running them. All but the dead are china forge.

        Kharn. This is the 30K version of him. He is china forge. The dead are another lost source. Joined by 2 Dev stands. The Devs were kicking around waiting for their bases to be finished.


 Armor, jet bikes, breachers, super heavies. Imperial Fists centurions and 1890 Egyptians.
 2 Brass scorpions. I don't even know what it looks like.
The bases for the armor. I will need to make copies of the rectangle bases. Almost down to the master copies.

Friday, July 12, 2019

HMGS Fall In 2019 Important dates

July 01, 2019Event Submission Opens - GM Registration Opens
July 22, 2019Exhibitor Registration Opens
August 30, 2019Deadline to have game listed in PEL
September 13, 2019PEL Published
September 20, 2019Advance Attendee Registration Opens (Discounted)
October 18, 2019 Advance Registration Discount Ends 
Online Registration Still Available 
November 14Onsite Registration Opens 7 pm

Fall In! 2019 Convention - Nov. 15 - 17, 2019

Thursday, July 11, 2019

30k Horus Heresy WIP

        World Eaters WIP continues. Which means I am not getting anything done. While getting everything done. I am retarded. I can not work on one thing till completion. They are multiple World Eaters getting the love in a gang bang fashion..........yeah
        I know I said no more infantry. Get use to it, I lie and cuss all the time.
         These dudes need touch ups and base highlights and base lips done.

         HistoriCon is going on. I am stuck traveling. I took the job knowing I would have to cover certain positions. One of those positions Blue Falconed me. I must work.
       Well I don't truly work in the sense of work. I travel to occupy a position and during said occupation I paint minis. The work side gets zero attention. Either way I have been cheated. No HistoriCon for me.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

2019 Projects and Goals "1/2 year update"

In general paint, play, sell, and stop buying collections.

*** A true statement so far. My buying has been limited to terrain. I have sold more armies than I planned to. A lot which never saw the table or ever would. I have been playing all over, getting in most of the Conventions. Painting, this is where I have been failing to stay behind the brush. I have spent to much time screwing around with terrain.
*** Moving forward into the second half of the year. I plan on focusing on the World Eaters and Samurai. Once completed, shift to the other goals. 

2019 Projects and Goals    

3D printers     Completed.

          "Getting the printers up and running again. The filament printer needs a cable created. As the manufacture is chapter 7, a new one is not available. There is a plan. Only time is required. The Resin printer needs only time and effort."

          *** Both printers were up and working. Both have printed minis. The Italian printer is busted again. I most likely will sell it off for parts. The resin is full steam ahead.

Get the Sudan project on the table.

          "I have maybe 900 Fuzzy Wuzzys,  the Sudanese, and most of the British to complete. Almost all the Cavalry, but I hate painting horse most of all. No supply issues this year. No purchase required. All materials are on hand.
          To get them on the table; I will need to focus and identify a few battles. The units required for those battles finished. All the while banging out the Ansar and British forces as fast as possible."

         *** I have painted up a bunch. Not nearly enough. Little to no effort on this front.

20mm Moderns. 

          "I would like to do one Con game." 

          *** Not going to happen this year.


         "Finish the Araby army. Start and finish the Samurai army. Then develop a plan and start a strong  effort to complete 2 ancients armies."

         *** This has been an issue of little focus. 12 stands of Samurai done, zero Araby!


HH World Eaters army. 

         "This should be an easy check. 30% is done. I have everything required. I know where everything is and there is another 20% ready started."

         *** I thought this would be simple. Zero Focus! I have a long way to go.

Conventions and Gaming.   Completed

         "I am booked for AdeptiCon and Cold Wars. Hopefully I will get HistoriCon, NEEAT, and the Epic World Championship in. This year, step up the effort to build a gaming group here in central PA. I would also like to link up with the NJ group." 

        *** This Goal has been smashed. I have meet up with gamers while traveling for work. A new NJ/NY Warmaster group found. I have done Cold Wars, AdeptiCon, NEET, NJ warmaster tourney, HistoriCon is Saturday, and I have tickets for the World Championship in Scotland.

Sell off        Completed

          "Continue to sell off the Kickerstarters never started. Liquidate the collections purchased. Sell off the extra 10mm Samurai."

           ***Smash this goal also. There still remains a good amount to sell.

Painting     Completed

         "730 plus dudes painted last year. The goal will be 1000 this year with at least 300 coming from the 20mm Colonial project. With the amount of terrain and 10mm involved it should be an easy score. As long as I stay focused."

         *** Also smashed. I have been painting 2 minis a day roughly with little focus.