Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Award making

           The extra special, Snowflake Sissy BitchAward. Originated out of a bitch session rant and the discussion of a thermal nuclear option. The Football, a fumble, and a classic game of smear the queer.
           The sportsman award is now the snowflake sissy bitch award.

There is group gaming, basement gaming and tourney gaming. You maybe be the king turd in the basement or the group. Then, your the one player that gets off their ass to travel to the tourney. Outside of that core group. Once there the reality of tourney play slaps you like a pimp. Shock and embarrassment of a flat out prison rape, tourney play, forces you to find the reasons or define the reasons that can not be your fault for getting tabled. Its my army. It was their list. This or that is broken. That dude is fucking prick. 

          “Oh, little snowflakes, when did you all become grandfathers and society patriarchal, clutching your wee little nuts in horror at someone who has an opinion about something, a way of expressing themselves that’s not the mirror image of yours, you snivelling little weak-ass narcissists?”

Possible of the Origin of the SonFlake term

           Fight Club 1996: “You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same organic and decaying matter as everyone else.”

Supplies Blue stuff, green stuff, 0.99 snowflakes, old school 40k thingy
Step one; blue stuff a 40k thingy

Step two; fill blue stuff negative with green stuff
The snowflake was too fragile to try and cast. I will only make a temporary mold for the 40K thingy.

Step three; remove green stuff positive
Step four; attach green stuff thingy to 0.99 snowflake
Step five; spray white and attach ribbon

I need to search for some extra sissy ass ribbon.

Monday, March 12, 2018

HMGS Cold Wars Packing

         There a whole lot going on in this pic. I am prep-ing, packing, sealing, basing. All the stinking stuff out in the garage. Tau, Naval Brigade, Zombies, Nazis, Priests, Ansar, & 10mm ancients.
          I will be bring 3 tables. The desert table, FW city table, and Hill forest table. All realms of battle boards.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Warmaster Weekend "Roma"

          Yellow shields. More burnt dirty yellow. Look at that group below. They look impressive! The shield decals, nope. No transfers.  
          The super shiny copper bronze helmets, will be more like this dude's.

Examples of yellow shields I will hand paint. No transfers!
 Two full 3 stand units.

 I didn't get too far on them this weekend. I was busy packing for Cold Wars. I did get to finish this group and a command stand.

Friday, March 9, 2018

FoF Zombies, Cultists, and Dr Jones

          All small little projects that are back burner. I can paint my main project faster and maintain focus if there is a back burner kicking about. It also helps when your color palette crosses over.
           The Cultists and Dr. Jones. Can't run a pulp game without cultists or PHD Jones. The pulp game is long, long down the road. It has been years of collecting strange characters here and there. Some where Scooby and the gang, Mummies, Vampires, Nazis are floating around in storage.
 More Zombies. There are maybe another 30, plus runners yet to go.
All will get flocked when I am moved out of storage. I want them all the same. No reason to break balls trying to match flock later or have a bunch of mismatch half ass minis kicking about.
*****The cultists are Force20 dudes.*****

Thursday, March 8, 2018

NetEA Tau Vs Eldar Cold Wars primer

         O'man last time, Kal beat me like he owned me. I was finished before turn 2 was finished. We are back at 6 feet under. Have I said how much I love their tables?
My list
Kal's List

I lost 1-3. Kal played the Tau like a boomeranging girlfriend. Early Activation failures ( Suits & FW failed to come in) and I sunk, sunk activation after activation into the Garrisoned Havoks. I throw my BTS out into the open.


T - Broadsides
EC - Tactics/ Havok & Chosen

Off table support

T - Ocra w/ FW, Ocra w/ Suits, Cuda1, & Cuda2
EC - T-Hawk w/ Noise, Hell Talons, & Hell Blades


T - Stealth Suits
EC - Termies & Deamons

Turn 1

Stealth Suits teleport in behind the BTS. 2BM
T win initiative
T Ocra w/ Suits FAIL
EC Tactical w/ SC sustain targets Stealth. 2KIA 4BMs BROKEN
T Cuda1 ground assault targets Tactical Havok. 1BM
*** Tactical error! I should have gone after the Chosen. Being 4 easy to break.***
EC Hell Blade Intercept targets Cuda1. 1KIA 2BM
T ReconL OverWatch
EC Tactical Havok sustains targets Stealth. 3KIA
T Cuda2 ground assault targets Chosen. 1BM
EC Hell Talon intercept targets Cuda2. 1BM
T Ocra w/ FW FAIL
EC Chosen FAIL
EC Chosen Marshall
T Pathfinders FAIL. Hold action remove BM
EC Knights advance target Stealth. ELIMINATED.
***This is the value of Stealth Suits. They are HATED. Hated in someones deployment zone.***
T Recon advances targets Tactical Havok. 1BM
EC Tactical C doubles targets Recon. 1BM
T Ions advance targets Tactical Havoks. 1BM
***The dam Havoks. Shot 3 times w/ zero results****
***Tactical error! Moving the Ions forward, gave Kal my BTS***
T - AA Skyway targets THawk. 1BM
EC Thawk & Noise ground attack targets Ions (my BTS). ELIMINATED.
T FW Overwatch
EC - AA Cuda1 1BM
T - AA Hell Talons 1KIA 2BM
T - AA THawk 1BM
EC - AA Cuda2 1BM

T Recon rallies
EC all rally

Turn 2

EC wins initiative
EC Noise engage Recon. ELIMINATED
EC THawk ground attack targets Broadsides. 1BM
T Cuda2 ground attack Chosen. 1KIA 2BM
EC Hell Talon ground attack targets ReconL. 1KIA 2BM
EC Hell Blade ground attacks targets Broadsides. 1KIA 2BM
T Ocra w/ Suits ground attack Tactic SC. 3KIA 4BM BROKEN
EC Knights advance targets Suits. 1KIA 2BM
T Pathfinders Overwatch
EC Havok double targets suits. 1BM
T ReconL FAILED, Hold rally removes BMs
Overwatch Broadsides target Tactical C
EC Tactical C doubles targets Broadsides. 1BM
T Fw double target Chosen. ELIMINATED
EC Tactical RF doubles targets FW. 1KIA 2BM
T AA THawk 1BM
T AA Hell Talons 1BM
EC AA Cuda2 1BM


T FW Rally
EC SC remains broken. All else rallies

Turn 3
Teleport Termies on top of Broadsides. 0BMs
EC win initiative
EC Termies engage Broadsides. ELIMINATED
EC Havoks FAILED. Hold targets Suits. BROKEN
T FW advance targets Termies. 1BM
EC THawk ground attacks ReconL. 2KIA 3BM
T Cuda2 ground attack Noise. 1BM
EC Noise double for trees
T Cuda1 CAP
EC Tactical RF advance targets FW. 1BM
T Pathfinders double target Noise. 1BM
EC Hell Blade FAILED
EC Tactical C advances targets ReconL. 2KIA BROKEN
T Ocra w/ FW ground attacks targets Tactical SC. ELIMINATED
***secures Blitz***
T - CAP - Cuda1 on Hell Talon. 1BM
EC Hell Talon ground attack targets FW. 1KIA 2BM

1 - 1  Tau have Blitz. EC have BTS

Turn 4
Tau win initiative
T Pathfinders advance targets BTS. 1DC 2BM
T Suits double targets BTS in crossfire. 1BM
EC Termies advance targets ReconL. 3KIA BROKEN
***secures Blitz***
EC Havoks engage Pathfinders. ELIMINATED
T Cuda1 ground attack targets BTS. 2KIA 1DC 1 by Critical
EC Tactical RF engages FW. 4KIA BROKEN
T Ocra ground attacks BTS. 1DC

EC take Blitz, BTS, T&H
T take Blitz

I suck with pictures. Here are the ones I did take.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

HistoriCon 2019 A new home. No more HOST

Pretty sweet for me. It is half the distance. I can be there in 10 minutes.

Historicon® 2019 Finds a New Home
The HMGS Board of Directors are excited to announce that Historicon® 2019 will be hosted at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square & Lancaster County Convention Center.
Features of the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square:
 Single through Quad Occupancy
$145 per Night
Includes Complimentary Overnight Self-Parking (normally $18.00 per night) with in & out privileges
New 12-story guestroom tower under construction
Complimentary guest-room Wi-Fi for any guests that are Marriott Rewards Members (free to sign up) 
No resort fees and complimentary access to pool and fitness center for all overnight guests 
Restaurants Within 1-3 Block Radius
88 Chinese Express
Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub
Aussie and the Fox
Bistro Barberet & Bakery
Bruno’s Sandwiches
Carr’s Restaurant
Character’s Pub
Cocina Mexicana
House of Pizza
Isaac’s Restaurant and Deli
Jimmy John’s
La Casa Bella Ristorante
La Dolce Vita Courthouse Bakery
La Piazza Italian Restaurant
Lancaster Cupcake
Lancaster Dispensing Company 
Marion Court Room
On Orange
Passenger Coffee
Penn Square Grille
Pour Wine | Draft | Social
Prince Street Café
Sakura Asian Fusion
Silantra Asian Street Kitchen
Spyro Gyro
Sugar on Top
The Loft
The Pressroom
Tropical Smoothie Café
Yorgo’s Restaurant and Lounge 
 Across the street from the country's oldest farmers' market

Market Hours: Tue. 6:00a-4:00p, Fri. 6:00a-4:00p, Sat. 6:00a-2:00p

Features of the LCCC:  https://lancasterconventioncenter.com/ 
90,000 sqft of meeting and event space
New carpeting in all meeting and pre-function areas
New LED lighting in Freedom Hall
Easy street access for unloading
Penn Square Parking Garage next door – 756 spaces
East King Street Garage 1 block away – 448 spaces
Prince Street Garage 1 ½ blocks away – 1,126 spaces

See You There in 2019!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sudan project "Blue Jackets" part VII

          Back at the 20mm Colonial project. I had a day to devote myself to the Blue Jackets. A full 3 gun battery and 2 corner gatlings.
          3 bases (60 x 30) of Blue Jackets on the march. They could be column, open order, or skirmish formation. Plus one wounded dial marker.
         Love the Newline dudes. They are always clean casts. There is maybe some flash on 1 in 10. I don't wash them or spend anytime on the bases to make them stand straight up.

           The gun is dark blue. I was editing out the bullshit pictures and came across a gun pic. The gun in the war museum is green with tan/yellow wheels. Well shit my wheel are green. I am not going back and repainting them.
The HAT dudes mounted on 60 x 60mm. Still WIP.
In the background the are Newline Design sailor on the painting block. One Artillery Officer on a 30mm round.

32 done to date. Goal is 700 this year. 668 to go in 300 days. I need to bang out greater than 2 a day.