Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10mm Terrain "Cheery Blossom trees"

         Himeji Castle Japan. One of the few originals that made it through the war. We bombed the rest. 

        I was never in Japan for the Cherry Blossoms, nor DC. At the old house in NY I had Cherry Blossom trees. You think of these amazing pink trees. In art/cartoons/pictures they are super pink. They are more white than pink. From a distance and grouped together they do appear more pink.
        My trees will be deep pink. Because that is more what you expect to see.

         I am using JTT scenic 95591. They are cotton plants/trees. You get 36 in one set for about 9-12 bucks shipped. All white dudes that will get hit with the airbrush to create the blossoms. I am using ghost tint "magenta."

         I will got another 2 sets for 18 shipped. 25 cents a tree? The pink will vary in darkness across the sets. I will mix them together for a Anceint Japanese table.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters "Termies"

         Some Termies, not a full detachment. Each arm is separate. They are difficult to attach and traveling with them causes arms to pop off. They take a bit longer to get through. Not that the painting is challenging. The arms man, the arms, piss me off.

3 completed
 3 for WIP

        I have started on big loco himself. no pic. And prep up the next 8 bases

I will count them for the yearly total once a detachment is completed.

World Eaters Bare Metal         = 334
World Eaters Armor Based     = 25
World Eaters Based                 = 32
Detachments Completed         = 7
Objectives                               = 3

Monday, May 13, 2019

Warmaster Weekend "Fields & Trees"

        On Mother's day weekend, one's hobby time gets vacuumed up by the crumble snatchers. They are so greedy! Once distracted by flashy and shiny things I escaped to flock and fix. I have started to notice more and more terrain pieces are in need of repair. They are falling apart.

First up are the old school fields. The dirt part has been reflocked. Next will be bring the static grass up to standards.

Reflocking trees and scatter bases. All the trees/bushes will need the green shit replaced and locked down.
         The rice pads are in the mix. I am developing an idea for a Japanese table for the Samurai. The dirt flock will be standardized across the lot. Then I should be able to get double usage out of the terrain. Force on Force, Warmaster, Epic, ACW.
         Samurai are for tomorrow. The girls are off doing whatever it is that they do. I am on call this upcoming week. The danger is as soon as I start to unpack my travel kit, I'll get called on. Either way one can't waste free time.

       While all the Historic stuff was drying or out of rotation I got on to repairing this guy. It was a left over from the original battle boards in NY. The trees are rough and did not wear very well in storage. The guns were busted. 
       All the flock was re-attached. The guns repaired and repainted, plus they got magnets. The radar was replaced. All the trees straighten and epoxy-ed down. One or two more coats of white glue and IPA should give me many more years of life.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Home ownership and a new table

        Zero minis have been getting painted. I got sent out for a injured guy. Then sucked into an escalation event. No painting, 14hr days. Once home I wish I was back out on the road.
        We or I built a deck, 2 gazebos, ran the electrical, put up gutters, dug out two onion boxes, dug out a terraced garden, and poured a slab for the Asador/grill.

        The worst was humping 16  80 pound bags of cement. Once from the platte to the cart, then to the truck, from the truck to the yard, to post holes or slab location, and finally add water to stir, shovel in hole. I am sore.

With the new deck, I have a proper place to burn a stick or two.

         I also scored a new work table for the paint room. I will be out of the family room and off those shit white tables. They are not shit, just too low. And now in my room no one be touching or moving my stuff. And the wife ain't got to explain to no chicken heads what that mess is all about.

          It was originally a drafting table. Some clown was selling for 100 on Facebook. This forced a room organization and relocation of the paint desk.

        I have laid out/started repairing trees and terrain.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Epic World Championships "United Sale"

Sept 21, 2019 Epic World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 

        I have been sitting on my balls watch the ticket prices go up and up. When I first looked it was 392 into London or 550ish into Scotland. Air Ireland is 660 but they want you to stay for 28 hours in Dublin. Then yesterday, it was a sweet grand yesterday. 

        Today United threw me a bone, 30k one way special. 60k in miles + $143.

Friday, April 19, 2019

20mm Sudan Project "Sudanese"

         The Sudanese got some love the first time around. Serval units advancing in open order. I won't be packing them as tight as the Egyptians. There are many primary sources (first hand accounts) of the Sudanese enlightening their British officers on how to fight the Ansar. To represent their experience and toughness, all will be based in open order.

         Following the image plate above. The majority of Sudanese units wore Blue. I like the brown jackets more. XX dudes based up. The next step is filling in around the base the dudes stand on. I am not a fan of minis based and looking half assed. The filling is colored wood putty.
        The wood putty was washed with dark brown. I did not bring the flocking sand on purpose. It would have made a giant mess. And if, if I lost it. The bases would never match. It is sand from Argentina.

Army Pic

         The Waterloo set for what it is, has serval dudes that get trashed. You can only use so many officers and dudes swing rifles. 20 out of 52. The 20 dudes left are 12 Sudanese (8 useable), 16 Egyptian (12 useable). Kind of makes Newline Designs 4 for 2 euro look better and better.
                   I do save the Brits. They get repurposed. + 8

 116 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 422 from the Colonial project. 184 to go. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

20mm Colonial Sudan "Egyptain Inf"


         After the Cons, I have been on the road non stop. There has been little time to prep minis before cycling back out again. Everything getting finished for the next few posts has been all part of the road show.
        The last few Egyptians I have left in stock. I need to find more or wait for a sale. 14 bucks a box before shipping blows. Only 16 line INF. 2 complete stands and 2 stands short kneeling dudes.

         9 Skirmishers or open order advancing. No Bases for these dudes. I can't count, resulting in me not bring all the stuff I needed again.

        I had basing/flocking issue. Once every stand was together, you could see the different shades to the sand/flock. It not different flock. The color below has changed over time.
        When lined up, I want them to match. Otherwise it would be distracting. So using watered down inks I stained the over all bases in ever darker steps until everything matched.

Army pic

Anglo Egyptian Army
        I should do another 12 stands, plus commander stands. Sourcing cheap dudes is tough. These are all from the Waterloo Anglo Egyptian box. Other than sourcing from Newline Designs, there is no other manufacture of Egyptians or Sudanese in 20mm.

        91 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 397 from the Colonial project. 209 to go.