Thursday, February 23, 2017

Road to Cold Wars & AdeptiCon part I

           There is only 1 more days to register. 28 days to go time. 20 days until I board a plane for Cold Wars. Not a lot of time to give the Tau the attention they need. I will shift my primary goal away from the Sudan project to preparing the Tau for the tourneys in March.

         The Tau. (Not the original owner. I bought the lot 2 or 3 years ago.) They are going to both Cold Wars and AdeptiCon. I guess the list will be close to what I took against Kal in January. How wise it is to go with zero AA is burning a hole in my brain.
         They are actually all real no shit FW. Being FW Tau they are fragile. The army needs some TLC and the bases.
          WTF! The white is too bright. As you can see, it takes away from the minis. I have 3 options. One paint the bases, Two flock them red sand, Three flock them desert. With the desert flock I could go light or dark.

          On to the next issue, Uniformity. The color scheme, nothing wrong with it. Only that the original owner never followed thru. There are units with white, units with orange, and units with both. I can only guess that the intent was to have both white and orange across the army.

          My plan will be to bring the army up to my standards. Uniform across, Dipped, and sealed.
         The next issue is repairs. Being FW Tau, they break. Boardside guns, legs breaking off from the stand, suits snapping off the base. Those that are painted will be re attached. Those unpainted will remain so. As time will be an issue.
         To increase the strength and longevity, the whole army will get Army Painters Strong Tone.
         Then additions, Not including what has arrived stateside awaiting my return.
          Hopefully these will get painted. Currently I do not plan on taking a Rotating Orca List.
         Maybe Objectives

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sudan project Egyptian Artillery part II

 Streets Russian Turkish Artillery. The minis are nice enough for me to look for a second box at Cold Wars.

Two guns
Command stand
Low ammo marker
Broken marker

They painted up fairly fast. May have to go back and highlight the gun carriage. On the wish list is two more guns, damaged gun markers, and very unlikely a limber.

Yearly goal 700 paint.
13 more painted, 655 more to go.

Monday, February 20, 2017

6mm desert Terrain part I

          This Project contains solely Games Craft Miniatures 6mm Middle Eastern and Landmark series buildings.

          The building were soaked in dish soap over night. Being resin there is some flash that needed attention. Other than that the casts are perfect. Not one single piece had a whole or bubble.
         A double priming was done, 0 & 90 degree spray with texture primer, followed by a 45 degree flat white primer. Both primers are straight from Home Depot, the cheapest ones. All of which was completed before leaving for Argentina.
          The building will be separated into 3 piles. The color palette will be very limited for speed. Whit, Tan, and Yellow will be basic building colors. Black for windows. Hull red and Saddle leather for wall damage. Only red and blue will be used as architect details.
 Wall gates are brown. Side walks are grey. Wall damage will be brick red. Any wall details will be blue.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sudan project Dervish Skirmishers

          I continue reading about the Anglo-Egyptain War and the Sudan campaign. I want to represent skirmishers sniping at the British in the Zeriba from wadi, or have some marker on the board to that effect.
I did not want a whole bunch of single based dudes to be fidgeting around with. Nor was I going to wast time creating a ridge for them hide behind. Also the accounts tell of them behind every bush.

First group finished.
Second group in WIP.

Yearly goal 700 painted
8 more down. 668 to go and 50 days into the year.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sudan Project Egyptian Artillery part I and WIP

         All minis are Strelets. I do not remember what set they came from. The dudes were de-sprued last year.

          Both these color plates were lift straight from Flaherty. My Egyptians will be base from these two images.

          The second picture was originally a card from smokes??? Any way it is labeled wrong. It is an Artillery Officer, Not Horse.

The Uniforms look too yellow after the wash. I will have to dry brush them out.
 More of this month's WIP. British Wounded markers, Dervish skirmishers, and World Eaters' Objectives.
Everything is super shiny, because I use Army Painter's Strong Tone dip. The dip being resin based strengthens the plastic minis. Without the dip, they will chip. They will receive rough handling as I will host Sudan games one day. The dip protects against even being stepped on.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ambush Alley returns

You can check the story here and keep up with the development.

I believe I would not change. I am happy with the current rules. Currently there is no reason for me to  buy an update.