Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Japan and Painting part II

Everything is no painted. I have 5ish days to finish basing the army. Then They will be up for sale by black Friday.

    I should get full army shots up by Saturday

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Japan and Painting


So slowly the rage and butt hate dies. Only to have gasoline poured on it every time some twat on Facebook opens his bitch mouth.

         Half way thru the trip. I have done more drinking and cigar smoking than painting. Some tourist shit on the weekends doesn't help the cause. Along with a heavy dose of being lazy.

         What little effort that has been applied has resulted in;
2 SkyRay detachments
1 Rail head Detachment + upgrade
3 Recon detachments + 3 upgrades
2 tiger sharks
1 Objective

          I got me some sun sharks, cudas, 2 objectives, broadsides, 2 detachments of suits as WIP on deck. There is a small chance I will finish this shit before I leave.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Yo yo yo Snitches get Stitches



           I had like a true real post. An update to some shit I was doing. Interesting and all. Then I woke up to some bull shit. Some unnamed fan boy fucktard sold out china forge aka iDesigns to GW. That little bitch sent the fucking catalog to GW legal. 

          Seriously? What the fuck? I am a stock holder and I never said fuck all nothing. What makes a person go and tell? There is no financial reward. There is no bone thrown your way. You are just askin', askin' to get scalped.

         What makes it worse is some other asshole to most likely, to get street cred or show how cool he was, give this little bitch the catalog. And further, I am willing to bet the unnamed fan boy fucktard was an AT fucktard. Some little bitch boy who never experienced the initial ass rape GW throw the Epic fan base.

       And now Taccmd is down. Net epic is down.

         So I pray, no prayed to Jesus. Look here sonny, don't let your boy's name slip. I am the monster under the bed, the fucker in your closet, the bump in the night.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cherry Picking "update"

         The number of times I have gobbled up other's armies and or collections,.....well I got a problem. Like a real problem. Miniatures are worst than Ice climbing ever was. I think a coke problem would be cheaper.

         In actuality, I had always plan on reselling 80% of it. Cherry picking! Yeah I buy someone's treasure for the 4-5 rare items. In the end it was the quickest way to get all those rarities. It is a dickheadish move. Most likely. Some poor fucker/fuckers would have played with it as is. Which cheats the hell out of a gaming group somewhere that is struggling to establish themselves. So in a rare moment I have to question if this sort of bullshit cherry picking, as helps kill the hobby. Its a grand a day coke habit, fuck it, we all know I can't stop!

Earlier this year I bought another Tau army. The price was cheap enough I could rape the treasure it was by parting it out. I am balls deep for 635 after shipping. 215 days later I have managed to sell 290.00 dollars.

75 for the Ocra
125 for the Mantra
30 for the Cuda
60 for 6 HammerHeads

         The rest of the army. Well, was half painted and painted like shit and a 1/3rd still in the bag. Sorry poor guy that did it. I am sure it was spectacular in your minds eye and just never made it there.
          I have or had been unable to sell it as a whole. I am thinking its because it is half assed, half in the bag. With a month blown due to a Japan trip. I will repaint and rebase the whole thing while on the road. I have been there like 7 times. As cool as it is, I have lost the interest. Maybe I will climb Fuji-san. Hoping with a fully painted army to cash in on the sale. Xmas is coming. Some chicken head will need to get her man a proper present.

           The whole thing has been primed home depot grey and washed with zombie shader. This was done pre load out.
          The only additional items added on to it will be 3 custom objective markers, 10 stands of kroot, and a group of sun something or other fighters.

Saturday, October 20, 2018


         I am off to Japan for training. The factory over rode my vacation. No Fall In. Straight up cheated. I had hope and dreams of playing in the Warmaster and NetEA tourneys. I had late night drinking games set up after. All crushed
        As always I will be taking advantage of the situation. I have packed shit to paint at night. Its Japan, not Thailand. Plus the factory is in the mountains. And I have been there multiple times. No kid, No wife, Nothing to do. Time to paint in peace without guilt!

         Tau to sell and 20mm colonial Brits and 10mm romans. Hopefully completed in that order.
        As always my shit is loaded up in my GW case and jammed into my large bag. That GW case has been trucked all over the world, to war and back. That fucker has some miles on it, years of abuse. It is the only thing I have ever bought from GW that has earned its value back.
         No suffering on this trip. I've packed a box of CAO gear heads, fresh from CI.
A box of the cheap ones to hand out and golf balls. They love my balls! 

         I'll be rolling on Delta. They give me free bags most the time and I normally get upgraded. But this time the flight is packed full on the way out. No 1st class. Of course the tight asses won't spring for anything other than freight. Econo class. Fuck me. Its is going to be one painful flight riding with the cattle.
          Mixed bag on the SkyMiles. It seems like a blind dude throwing darts. This time all my bags are free. Upgraded Delta comfort on the first leg. No military in the SkyClub, but ohhh you got an AmEx card so discount. Hell I can eat and drink 25 buck worth easy.
         The no military any more is kind of fucked up, but I understand. We eat like horses and drink like fishes and no true SkyClub patron wants to be chilling with animals. I wreck, wreck the bathroom. The spanish lady cleaning has to walk out after seeing whats left of the shitter. And I get drunk to the point it is questionable if they will let me on my next flight. So, I understand.
          No deals of sticks. Just like every other time duty free has prices all over the place. 20 bucks higher than in the store and more 18-25yr, reserves, and limited run scotches. I got away with 2 bottles for 130 15yr Dalmore and 18 Glenfiiddich. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mold life & dremels

         I am a big Smooth-On fan. It was easier when you could order direct, more selection, less bullshit. Now there is Amazon. It has the common stuff. It is cheaper and no shipping charges and two day delivery. Means not having to keep an extra couple of set kicking around.
          These molds are OO rubber and about 6 years old. They have kicked out about 7-11 casts. Most one parts last forever. The square building should have been a two part mold.
         As time passes, I started mounting the flat masters to Plexi. 
not OO rubber

Stand by......3......2......1

Right, wrong, legal, illegal......Don't care bro

         Knowing that your mold will die over time presents a question of keeping the masters, or creating copies and selling the masters, or using the masters along with your casts?
         I keep a near original mint set for masters. Mostly because I never got them when they were available and I will always want more and more.
         Now that the mold are reaching the end of their lives, I am increasing the abuse. No longer do I have access to LN2. I want weird and strange casts coming out of them. I am pouring different casting materials into them, cocking the mold at extreme angles. The cast is smashed and further the abuse with a dremel.
plaster, resin, dentstone
No real plan for what they will look like in the end. Whatever they become. They will have mold made.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018