Thursday, October 19, 2017

Epic Armageddon City table part XIII

Road tiles painted and sealed.
After weathering.
Left to right as applied. Brokentoad and secret weapon
Flocking is next.
 This is the only tile with roads that had the damaged end flocked.
With the magnetic trees

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Epic Armageddon City Table part XII

Tiles in final WIP before flocking.
Screwing around with plastic card.
Steel added to the hills. Magnetic trees.
Hills getting flocked

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "ebay"

Ebay coughed up 10mm elephants and skirmishers. 10s are pretty easy to paint. I plowed thru them in about 30 minutes. Nothing special. Just the very basics.
 No wash or highlight yet. Actually they will get dipped not washed.
And the elephants need riders. No towers, I will use them as African elephants.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

6mm Desert Terrain part XVI "The Villages"

Back to the Desert terrain!

After the failure with MDF. (It was too thick and easily damaged.) The eBay specials were torn off, backs sanded, and glued down to plexiglass. The plexi (10x7 inches) was 4 bucks each, Vs the $4 sheet of MDF (4x2 feet).
The plexi showing on the sides will be filled in with a sculpting epoxy. Then sanded, painted, and flocked to match.
The other two pieces of plexi will be covered in games craft building.

Friday, October 13, 2017

GW Realms of battle

         This was one of the tables snatched off eBay. I never did anything what it. While working on the City Table I got the bug to finish this one too. This time I stole the table idea from Luke's youtube channel.   I did not go totally desert on this one. This battle board needed to pull triple duty. warmaster, force on force, epic, maybe Africa/Sudan
Games Workshop battle board
        5 dollar 25lb bag of sand from Home Depot, 2 cans of dark brown spray paint, dark green and spring green flock (hand mixed with the sand), spray bottle, and quart semi gloss poly. Everything was sprayed dark brown. Then poly was brushed on. A shaker was used to flock it. The sand was the cheap shit. After the first tile, I found out the rocks in the sand were way too big. The sand mix needed to be sifted.
All the holes the large rock created had to be fixed.

Dam Skulls
          The skulls were filled in with the same method used for the city table. This time they look more like dried up watering holes.

         Following the railroader method, the tiles were coated with watered down PVA 3 times. They say it keeps the flock in place and prevents it from being rubbed off. This beast will get a proper testing at HMGS' Fall In.
        If it takes damage, it ok. I have save enough of the sand mix to repair any damage. Plus the damage it takes will allow me to adjust my method.

Matching terrain pieces.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Epic Armageddon City Table part XI

The tiles are down. And board base coated. ****two tiles are missing.*****
         The rock faces and cracks were stained. Then the entire outcrop was dry brushed white, heavy washed with testers black wash. As soon as it was covered, a paper towel was used to lift it off.

         Those dam skulls. I know someone thought they were a great idea. Yet everyone tries to fill them in or cover them up. As a broken ground, rough/dangerous terrain idea, it sucks. A sunken road or sunken stream would have been so much better.
           I do not want a pond, swamp, puddle in the middle of my tile!
          Mine are filled in with railroad ballast. Primed, pure white glue, fine ballast, watered down white glue, ballast again, and watered down white glue again.
My ballast of choice mixed in with some kitty liter, stuffed into an old spice container.
 Looks like crap while your doing it. Still 1000 times better than skulls.
These are the first six realm of battle tiles. There are 3 more waiting for FW roads, after Fall In.

The realm of battle story;
         Over the years I have bought and sold maybe 5 realm of battle boards. 2 were commissions for a local club in Boston. Another I sold because I thought at the time they sucked and I was selling the two I had off. Then I bought one for 150 and was back to two with 3 extra tiles. I got a game room in the old house. Built an 8 by 6 table and had the idea I should have tiles enough to cover it.  I ended up with 14 battle tiles. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


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Sunday, October 8, 2017

6mm Desert terrain XV "O sammy special"

The O sammy special is a creative mess. The compound is the easy part. The surrounding area is turning into the lion's share. And a bit of a mess.

Two extra fields.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Epic Armageddon City Table part X

         The project went cold. It has been long dead. The last update was 14 Oct 2014. Almost 3 years ago.

The idea stolen from some dude who did this for a GamesDay 15ish years ago

Well.............. I said it would happen, as it has happen to others!

          "I think it is everyone's dream to have an Epic city table. Mine too, and like most I have failed to create anything remotely cool and useful. Before there was never a plan or layout, just random projects here and there slapped together. Now there is a plan! 
          Today the dream starts, 08 JULY 2013. How long it will take? Will I ever finish the table?"

Here I go again. Will I ever finish the Table?
The wife has the same look, when I start talking about a city table.

Who knows how much I originally sank into this project. As the boxes jumped out of storage "label city table." I had to keep saying who bought all this shit? What the hell is in these boxes?

         The first tile up is the Church. It will sit on a hill or raised area. Something like the acropolis in Athens. Again.........Except the hill's purpose has changed. I am saving the other 3 sections of the hill for later.

Game On!
GW Realms of Battle board
All the tiles are down for these two.
Only one more tile to glue down. No glue left.

All three will get painted at the same time, to ensure they end up matching.