Saturday, August 19, 2017

Warmaster Ancients "Time period"

What time period? 

How to get the most variation from a core group of miniatures? 

          For example; lets say I was to select Ancient Greece. I would have greek on greek or Greece on Persia. Great battles, interesting characters, ton of material available. Even if you included the colonial wars, Greece vs her colonies, your are limited in the strategies used. It is all Hoplite warfare. After a few games, my games, every game would become chess. A set number of opening moves with the out come not determined by one's ability to general the forces, but the randomness of the dice.

         I was raised in Syracuse. I would love nothing more than to play out the Hoplite action around Syracuse on Sicily. Yet the time invest in painting all those hoplites for two opposing armies doesn't appear to have that return on investment. Once I am completely bored with the Syracusian affairs, what can I double down on? Persians? Athenians? Spartans? It is all Hoplite on Hoplite action.

         The argument is for more variation. A high cross over usage. Rome has multiple enemy states with a large variation in fighting style/capabilities.  If I am going to paint 2000 10mm dudes just for one roman army, they need to get some serious mileage. 
         But what roman army do you choose? A lot is about personal interest. If you are not interested in the time period, don't expect the project to last. I am very interested in the early Roman days.  

        Why early Republican Rome vs declining Republic vs Imperial vs death of Empire? 

           Death of the Empire; is out for me. I have zero interest in the declining Rome/Eastern Empire history. I don't care about the period it leads into. Arthurian Britain, Vikings, or the tidal wave of eastern barbarians. 
          Imperial Rome's; first 10 Emperors has great characters, large battles, and waves of barbarians. Afterwards I could give a shit less. In this period I feel, I would be painting individual army after army with little cross over in-between. Yeah the Cavalry could double across each horde. The meat rests in the Infantry. The largest block of dudes to be painted. Your looking at the Germanic tribes, Britain, Judea, Dacia, Parthian. Now how many of those infantry dudes look the same? Zero!
          Declining Republic; I say starts around Gaius Gracchua and Marius/Sulla in the Jugurthian War. Why because mostly that is where the Roman army changes? The Marian reforms happened after, but lets say the change was in the works moving up to that date. After which point, most is roman on roman action. Maruis vs Sulla, Pompey vs Caesar. There is some Germanic, a lot of Pontus action, a lot of Gauls. Those last three enemies are very different, totally different with zero cross over.
   Republican Rome; I purpose that same Roman army can be used from 300ish BC and the Samnite Wars to the death of Scipio Africanus (the younger) in 129 BC. During that time Rome was no less active, nor did Rome see fewer enemies. 
        ( Is covering 180 plus years cheating the other periods compared to? I have divided the periods by changes in the structure/equipment of the army. The equipment used by the multiple enemies was about the same. The Roman army maintained the look until Marius started changing it. )
       Rome was involved in Samnite wars, Prryhic Wars, Punic wars, Syracuse, Illyrian wars, Gallic wars, Macedonian Wars, Numantine war, Achaean war, Servile war. During that time the Roman army remained pretty much the same. The key is everyone they fought was pretty much armed the same. 
        If I were to paint this core block, Phalanx, Citizen spearmen, (everyone used) Gallic and Spanish mercs, Nubian Inf and Cav, Spanish Cav, and skirmishers. Those named would form the bulk of just about army in the listed wars. Then special 4 units to define the different personalities for each enemy.
        Yet each opponent's composition was different. Prryhric Wars and the Macedonian Wars. Almost exactly the same core troops and warfare style, strategy and support elements were different. The war in Spain and the Punic war.  The bulk of the fighters remained the same. Only the allied contingent changed. These small changes will prevent every battle from turning into a game of chess. 
       Add in unbalanced forces, historical fights, a non flat table and the challenge is ON! (it is a GW system but you are not forced to fight the GW way......matched point value, zero terrain feature, limited tourney scenario bullshit)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The road to Fall In part I

Yeah yeah it is far, far away. And I am in Argentina. Lucky me we are returning, and with the shit school system here in Argentina, no cares how long my daughter is out of school. So we will be staying just long enough for Fall In.

         Wheels up is in 29 days. I need to plan for an Epic army. I can easily bring the Tau back. The Tau are complete and waiting to go. I would love to field the Fists again.
          The biggest problem is 99% of my stuff sits in storage. But on this trip, storage is being moved to a staging area. The move will go down long before HMGS' Fall In. During the move I plan to get my hot little hands on all that is Epic.

With that hope, I can get my Imperial Fists out. Also supply the TO with enough terrain to cover 5ish tables. (Plus pull out the 30K World Eaters that are stashed in a box somewhere)

         On with the Fists. Some china forge goodies made it down here with me. Plus two characters that have been WIP for 4 plus years.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sudan project "Highlanders" part IV

         More HAT Highlanders. I had hoped to finish these dudes quickly after the first group. Each day I found or had something else to do. Just a lot of little details. Maybe I am painting too many at once? Which is sucking the life out of my painting.
WIP          About 9 days later the dudes are off the blocks. I have the socks to do and some highlights. I hate doing the socks. It takes forever is is not so much fun.

Monday, August 14, 2017

HMGS' Fall In Welcomes back the NetEA tourney

We are a GO for NetEA tourney on Saturday at Fall In in Lancaster, PA.

NetEpic Armageddon is back for HMGS' Fall In!

These are your links to everything;

Fall In registration opens Sept 04 2017

Net EA tourney pack and army lists

List builder

          You will want to pre-registrate, 9/4/2017. I think this will be the only way the score a spot for the tourney. It was this way for Cold Wars. Currently HMGS has given us 5 tables. Make sure you get a spot!
          Saturday is the busiest day. In the past tables have been empty near the tourney. I would not count on it this year, but who knows.

HMGS, Inc. Presents:
FALL IN!®  2017Nov. 3 - 5, 2017
Fall In! . . . The Yanks are coming!

Lancaster, PA

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "The why"

           Exactly why? I own Hail Caesar and Fields of Glory.  I own a metric ton of metal and plastic 28mm Ancients. I could just finish that project. Finish a project???? Mmmmm, nope!

          I got bit by the Warmaster bug while at AdeptiCon. Since then 10mm ancients has been scratching at my resolve. I have been lurking around the 10mm manufactures.

          Warmaster no!  Not at all a fan of fantasy part of the game. Never liked the Lord of the rings, elfs and ork and that wizard magic bullshit. Mostly I hate the idea around the mechanics of the magic/spells part in any game. I believe it takes away for the actual generalship of an army. It is a ramdomness outside of the fog of war, that does not support the fog of war concept.

Why Warmaster?

Space!  A standard 6x4ft table swallowed two 2000 point armies. That size table could have supported twice that number with plenty of room to maneuver.

Much larger table, but you get the idea.

Different system. Each individual 10mm dude is removable as a casualty .


         You have to like the recommend scale, 10mm. Very fast to paint, cheap, no assembly, well supported lines. The minis have just enough detail, you can represent the differences in arms.

         No need to spend days cleaning and putting together plastic. Plus a fortune in Little Big Man stickers. (With that said, the 28mm ancients are drop dead beautiful when painted. I am guilty of owning a ton of roman 28mm, mostly unpainted.)

         The speed at which 10mm can be painted. Yet when fielding the 28mm armies of an ancient battle, you could be painting for years just to get one side done. (It took me 4 plus months to do 3 units of Roman Aux. And they still are not based!) Then 2 to 3 year later you have 600 dudes fighting it out. I would never ever be able to maintain the focus of 3 years to paint one time period and not buy another project outside of that time period.

         Sadly doesn't fit the picture I have in my mind. 30,000 romans fighting 60,000 barbarians, Those 600 miniatures would be on a 100 to 1 for the romans and 200 to 1 for the barbarians. A cohort, 480 guys, would be 5 dudes! With 10mm and a Warmaster frontage of 40mm, your exchanging 5 28mm dudes @125mm frontage for 48 10mm dudes on a 120mm frontage.  That is a 10 to 1 ratio.


         Price wise 100 10mm old glory dudes are 3 bucks. 5 28mm Aventines are 8 bucks without shipping from the UK. Less than a 1/2. Now us poor folk with space limitations can have an ancient battle that looks like an ancient battle on a 6x4 foot table.

Building a player base

Warmaster is simpler.  
          Hail Caesar is almost a straight up copy of Warmaster. Biggest difference being Warmaster is set up for tourney play and Hail Caesar is not. Thereby making a new player feel less forced into historical outcomes and more so his own generalship earns the result.
          Fields of Glory is a more accurate representation. Movement in FoG is much more detailed, complicated. Where Warmaster is more abstract and not so deep in the weeds. I will be teaching the locals here how to play. The local love of war and history does not exist here.

In the end, Warmaster plays faster and is easier to learn.

         Hail Caesar and Field of Glory have far better army lists that represent the period and flavor of the nation states. Mainly because they were set up for historical, not point matched gaming. In the future I will steal heavily from both.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

6mm Desert terrain part IX.

A few that have been kicking around.
ebay blast/destroyed markers

Two more Liquid gas balls.

Now look closely at this shit! Secret weapon's weathering powder.

the pigment turned to mud and along the supports dried powder look
and the other side. Mostly the dried powder look. Except for the top the wet look.
         You can see where it has reacted differently to the mig pigment fixer. WTF? Same powder, same fixer.

          This is the exact same shit I used on the first set of balls. Secret Weapon is out to screw you with crap raw materials, get some quality control! You win the flying cock award.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fall In??????

I will be back stateside in mid September. Without tickets back yet. I could stay and sneek in a convention!

HMGS, Inc. Presents:
FALL IN!®  2017Nov. 3 - 5, 2017
Fall In! . . . The Yanks are coming!

Lancaster, PA

Monday, August 7, 2017

Sudan project "Blue Jackets" part V

With no Blue Jacket officer, I was forced to raided 2 HAT boxes. I pull a mounted and 3 foot officer dudes.
I pulled an officer with a spy glass from this box.
Command stands and rally marker.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 357 done. 5 more down. Another 343 required to reach the goal. Ahhhh 4 months to go! A trip stateside and Fall In. I need to get my sorry ass in high gear.

 I think when I buying this boxes years ago, I never knew there was a Naval one? I will need to grab one or two. Just for sailors in the sun hat.

Still unsure of exactly why some sailors are shown in all white uniform, some in all blue uniform, and some with a blue jumper and white pants.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Warmaster Weekends

The eyes of a wargaming wife as yet another heavy box finds itself upon  her door step.

          Another project started never to be finished? Another mountain of ancient miniatures laying around bare in little baggies? Well maybe? Never did finish the 28mm romans.

          While plowing thru the 20mm Sudan minis, the Desert Terrain project is spinning down. Another side project, something to do while shit is drying. 

         10mm Warmaster! The idea will be to maintain a log/update every weekend. Plus I never ever budget for any wargaming project. I just run around the internet buying shit with no idea of what was bought or how much I spent. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sudan project "Highlanders" part III

         It is a fair box. No officers, but a bunch of pipers. The marching dude and charging guy at the run, well those will be set a side.

         More HAT Highlanders. Hopeful now that I have a few under my belt, I can start to crank them out. Plan is to bang these 12 out by the end of next week.

Seaforth Highlanders

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 352 done. 15 more down. Another 348 required to reach the goal.