Monday, August 7, 2017

Sudan project "Blue Jackets" part V

With no Blue Jacket officer, I was forced to raided 2 HAT boxes. I pull a mounted and 3 foot officer dudes.
I pulled an officer with a spy glass from this box.
Command stands and rally marker.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 357 done. 5 more down. Another 343 required to reach the goal. Ahhhh 4 months to go! A trip stateside and Fall In. I need to get my sorry ass in high gear.

 I think when I buying this boxes years ago, I never knew there was a Naval one? I will need to grab one or two. Just for sailors in the sun hat.

Still unsure of exactly why some sailors are shown in all white uniform, some in all blue uniform, and some with a blue jumper and white pants.

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