Monday, December 4, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "Transfers"

         The number of transfers available for 28mm is lovely. Go to 10mm and there is nothing but roman and some very limited Greek. 

          I started off hand painting the shields. The time it takes to paint just the shields is about half the time it takes to complete a 3 stand unit. The example to the right was done without a wet palette. A 2 brush technique with a wet palette would have been easier.
        Either way it does not matter. This project is huge. Doubling the time per unit to paint can't happen if I am to ever finish.
         No decals, transfers? Amazon-ed some decal paper. Then google searched Carthaginian shields. Two hours searching and resizing images and I got my decal sheet.
Dudes just standing around waiting for decals.
         Just print on draft quality. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then spray it with matte coat. I taped the ends down, because the paper will get wavy. But tape far enough away, so when you remove the tape it does not rip up the decal layer.

        Cutting these little bastards out, SUCKS! It would be faster to hand paint the shields.
 And now I have to order Decal solutions!
 The front rank waiting on the shield s of the second rank
MicroSol and MicroSet. The decal paper is shit. Continues to curl and pop off. In thinned I had to coat the decals in white glue.
 Here you can see it curling away on the black shield after 12hours.

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