Saturday, November 25, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "Carthaginians Officers"

Command stands

Officer down. An officer dude with a mis-cast leg. Trash him, no. Lets grab a horseman. Chop time!

The missing leg was the mis-cast. I cut a little higher than His knee joint. He lost is saber case and put of the cloak. The sword arm was bent and the leg bent.
 The rider was chopped off and the horse's stand. From there I dug out part of the horse's back around the saddle.

 Tough to see what is going on here. There is a spear stuck in the horse. The officer is part trapped by his mount. He will get a shield and green stuff to replace the chuck taken out of his cloak.

          You can get a lot of milage out of a 6 by 6 inch cork square. The cork will end up looking like rock out crop. Two dudes taken from the Carthage citizen solder bag. Two more dudes will join them, but they will get painted seperately. 
         All the bases are magnetic except for these 20mm chips. Who knows how I porked that?

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