Friday, November 10, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "The crack"

           The look! So, maybe, just maybe, I went head first. Nope I am truly ass deep to a tall indian (feather, no dot) in 10mm ancients.

           I am not totally at fault. I live in a country that is not supportive of package delivery. So returning to the states is an Amazon and soldier ordering craze. Poor dad, says a room is so full of shit, there is no where for me to sleep. I waited to after the wife returned to open and sort thru the boxes. Fall In was coming and I may need more. Only 3 sets!

 Bases from Shogun and Pendraken

 But like I said, it is not my fault.

Well here is the tally;
Rep Romans 680
Rep Roman Cmd 100
Rep Roman Cav 50
Italian Allies 590

Cartho Inf 560
Cartho Cav 160
Elephants 6
Hoplites/Merc 420

Spanish Inf 120
Spanish Cav 30

Numbian Cav 180
Numbian Lt Inf 150

Mac Phalanx 480
Mac L Inf 270
Mac Cav 160
Elephants  11


I think 1.5 years to speed paint the lot as a secondary project. 

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