Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 wrap up


          Surprisingly, I painted more minis in this year than any year to date. Like every year life interfered. The months away from the painting table almost sunk me. The development of a speed painting system that worked for me was key. Thanks Tom, I stole your system.

          Finish the Sudan project.      600 plus to start with. Then I added about a 1000 more Fuzzy Wuzzys. In Aug the project stopped with 380 finished. I was stuck stateside as real life started to kick in.
         Finished the 20mm Moderns. 
         NetEA Imperial Fists and HH World Eaters armies.  * some Ifs were added and zero WEs.
         Painted the 6mm Desert terrain. 
         Start the 15mm ACW project.   
        Attend both Cold Wars and AdeptiCon.   ****I got to Fall In also.***
        Gaming *I did find a club in Argentine, but they are 9 hours away by bus. No local elements developed.*   
         Painting       275 was the most painted in one year. I want to double that amount this year! 550 is the goal. ***Crushed with 828 painted****

Next year will be up in the air. Mom and Dad need help. We are moving back to the states. Buy another house and I will be coming out of retirement. Painting time may be limited.

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