Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Forge World Epic terrain????

         I have all of it. My collection is complete. Maybe collection is the wrong word. I play with it, on it, supply regional games with it. It is terrain! It does have irreplaceable value to me. But the replacement cost are more in my time painting it. Than actually finding another copy. But another copy wouldn't have to be an original.
         The old catalog show them at an amazing price. Man I was alive and playing back then. Those prices seemed high. 60 and 45 pounds respectfully. High enough I did not buy one then. Kicking myself, yep daily! But are they worth the last auctioned price of 188 pounds?

         So the question is. What is the real "No Shit" value of a Cathedral or Tank Factory? For simplicity, lets say bare, complete, undamaged, original.

          Don't start with me "its all about what one is willing to pay!"

          Easily one can find them pop up at least 3 times a year on ebay. Once for the Tank Factory. In each case your looking at 300 to a thousand a piece. So if you were an individual with patience and could   hold on to your war gaming budget, all you need to do is wait. But if you are the opportunist, value Vs going rate is a true bitch!
          Barring ebay, your mates don't have one. You would be purchasing from another community member or gobbling up an entire collection. No sane person would let you cherry pick, because in the end they would be stuck with 150 stands of orks and M VI marines.
          What about copies? They are available time to time. You would have to know the dude. Not just a name. And then the cast is ????? some what perfect. You won't get the Cathedral tops to come out. No eagle will be even close to recognizable.

          This dumps us back to FEE bay and how much is knock about at any one time. 188 pounds plus 46 pounds for shipping, hell!

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  1. I totally feel your pain! Sucks to be poor as a wargamer with exquisite taste. ;)