Friday, November 14, 2014

30K Horus Heresy

         That right one more project. I have I finished a single one yet. Hell no. The city table stalled out. Big surprise. The DAs sit unfinished. The RF&F is still being collected, no rebasing in months. I have terrain out the ass that needs to be built, painted and based.
         But the remodeling continues. The family room is about finished. I got to pop in a few outlets and finish the trim. The game room floor is being prep for dry locking.
           I will be kicking old school, "The Horus Heresy" in Epic.

         Why? Because this is the story line and game that hooked me into the GW product line. I started off play Space Marine (2nd Edition) way back in 6th or 7th grade. I have always been drawn to the HH. The black library books in the first few years were the greatest. Everyone was reading and talking about them.
         Why Epic? Because it is cheaper. I can have more and a large scale battle will not last 9 hours. Plus the battles are fought out with actual units and not squads.

          Of course NetEA will be the base and I will use the Developing HH list found here; Horus Heresy 0.5
         Actually 2 HH armies. I found a supplier. Ordered the goodies. Now who will I do. I have plenty of loyalist that only need one or two unit to HH them. My IF or BAs or DAs would work. I have settled on Emperor's Children and World Eaters. The WEs are coming for another supplier.

          The ECs will get the Heresy color scheme. Not the old school where the purple is more red. Nor will the purple be as rich as the art work. My purple will be translucent and more like auto paint. More like the ones in this picture.
           The 3rd will be done just before the Heresy starts. Too early and the numbers would be restricted as they were rebuilding or tooling about for the Emperor.

          The WEs will get the Heresy color scheme. No War Hounds will be present. These will be fun and quick to paint. I have a have started WSs, which will be an easy change over. The rest will come from the hand sculpts done in Italy. Old school plastic rhinos and goodies from the rest of the world.
         The blue splashes will make a visualy great presentation on the table.

         Again I will be stealing a lot from the old art work. Some of the new stuff is OK, but the older stuff is where the character is .

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  1. Hi,
    Love the Horus Heresy and just getting back into Epic myself.
    I was going to use my old Marines for Heresy games, however seeing the models you have used makes me want to start from scratch. Were do you get them from? I can drop you my email if you do not want to leave it on the blog.