Monday, November 3, 2014

NE Net EA results and pictures

          Out of the there BA lists I had drawn up to test. Surprise, never ever did I check my kit. In it was only enough to support one of the builds. I hauled the big bag of armies. Not one, single attack bike in the lot. I played the termie sledge hammer/ dual Baal Pred list as all I was missing was an attack bike.  
    I got a thumping. BA list issues, no. Worst case of dice hate. I never once made a save in the first game. The second I made two. The 1st game, I shot the lights out. The 2nd, could not hit the barn if the muzzle was against the door.
         1st game Knights. The BAs were collapsing the right flank. Termie sledge hammered a knight unit into the foam. After that he made every save and I could n't. That is when everything went to shit.
         2nd game speed freaks. Holy good god there are a butt ton of models. I did not have the numbers to dent that horde. Even if everything shot and hit and killed for 3 turns I would have splashed half the models. Baal predators chew up infantry. They were all stars in the 2nd, followed closely by the DC.

         Lessons learned. Baal Predators detachments should be selected in pairs need to be upgraded. Being the enemy's target of priority. They get picked on and broken in short order.
                                      Assault detachments upgrading to 8 seemed waste full. I ran both an 8 and 6 stand detachments. The end results in engage actions were not worth the points.
                                      Death Company. Animals, unlashed! I took walking DC with the hope that the rhinos would keep them in the fight. They were too slow in the first game and got caught out of position in the second. They need jump packs to remain tactical flexible. Next time I am taking two detachments of DC!
                                      The termie sledge hammer is a straight up shooter. The Vulcan dreads scare the shit out of people think about assaulting the detachment. But the short range makes it difficult to keep them gainful employed. Storm Ravens rule. (I left my redeemers at home and play normal land raiders)
                                      Bike detachment with speeder upgrade never worked for me. I couldn't master it. This combo I'll try out a few more times.

          I took crap for pictures. The best one was my daughter playing Frozen on the ice table.


  1. I may have an idea where you nicked the "Lets Play" logo off.. :P

  2. I don't know. But I did steal it from some one. You should steal it from me.

    The logo at one point linked up to the updated NetEA rules. I don;t know if it still does