Wednesday, November 26, 2014

30K and Shapeways

          The Monday next box has landed. It took me a day to get around to opening it up. Shapeways, early xmas present. I ordered 4 Fire Turkeys and got 5. Bonus! I'll most likely sell the 5th one.
          The Fire Turkeys were done at the middle level of detail. Frost or something like that. You can see lines from the Z motor stepping. The layers look to be about 500microns (0.500mm). Some of the edges are fuzzy!
         In my opinion this level of "Z" resolution is pretty shitty. There is no way at the current level of technology we can not get better than 500 microns. 250 to 100 microns is easily within reach.
          Shapeways needs to adjust their price points. It is not like they have not made their money back on the capital investment.
          Storm Eagle gunships! Two for the WE and 2 for the upcoming EC army.

          Another heavy box arrived last night. Actually it was here Monday. I had to sign the orange postal thingy to get them to leave at the house. Which is very fast shipping, from where it came from!

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