Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pyrkol Blast Markers

          I am not in the business of pushing a product or doing reviews. There is always an exception. Excellent service, amazing product or killer support. Or shity service and generally pissing me off, will earn your ass a rant.
         Today I am moved to push PyrKol. These dudes provide the community and tourneys with unheard of outstanding support. Prizes, swag, give aways....etc

          They are a Portugesse company that makes all sorts of markers. Paulo is one of the dudes running it. They provide support for every tourney their products can be used in. The TO gets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, swag bags, and a prize for the bottom spot.
          Of course my interest is only to replace the crappy card board blast markers. The original ones were great. They have seen better days. Oooo titan shield markers!

          It took long to find the glue and get it out of the tube then it did to put them together. I set all the bases on their bags. I did not want to glue them to the glass. My dog could had banged this project out.

          With little to no way to actual mark my titans shields or weather the Plasma gun fired. I am using their shield markers and vehicle hit markers. If the lighting bolt was dark blue, it would be perfect. Down the road I thing I would want a base with these magnetize into it.

           These all be my new Blast Markers. In descending order, ones, threes, and fives. I think I will need more ones. They make a cooler looking 5. It has smoke and everything. They just came out after I order. Poor me!

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