Friday, October 31, 2014

New England NetEA gaming day

          Another NetEA gaming event at Time Machine Hobby on Saturday. Kicking off at 10am. Means I will be up at 4-4:30. Get the dog exercised, and the kid ready. This will be VV's first Epic gaming. Normally she just rolls my dice. We'll see how long she last. As I am a smart man, I will bring her Ipad loaded with Frozen and Tangled.

        This time I am actually going to playing Blood Angels. The ManchaniCon "Codex" list was fast and in your shit,, with 11 activations. The BA's Developmental list should fit right in with this go get in it play style. Each list is in your face, one trick pony, and less flexible with only 9 activations. Then there is third list, full of scout shenanigans with 11 activations, 6 of which have the scout ability.

         9 activations with a 825 point Terminator sledge hammer. It will be interesting to see what this beast does.
         9 activations again, roughly the same Termie hammer, but the Sanguinary Guard has been added and most the armor removed. Again how effective will they be.
        Scout special heavy. Speeder have scout and almost all BA detachments can take a speeder add on. 100 points get you two MW+5s and scout ability. 6 detachments scout ability, 3 traditional and 3 mixed bag.That is a lot of ZOC shenanigans.

          These are the three version I will be testing out. Will the tear be of joy or another developmentally broken list forever in the Dev state.

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