Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Table part IX

          The FW road tiles are not square. Not even close to being truly square. The little errors over 2-300mm has created gaps and sections that would not fit. I had to rip some of it up.
          You can see above. They never measured and squared the dam things up before cranking them out. FUBAR!

          This is the adjust, post ripped up, re-alignment. There will be gaps between the tiles. The plan is to prime the board and then see if they need filling in.
         In the bottom corner you can see the tile with the grout. I used the grout because I knew it well. How it would act and if I porked something, weather I would be able to make a correction. It is dried to the back of the tile. The tile popped off no problem and the grout scrapped right off the plastic.
         A co-work sick of listening to me bitch, told me to try a floor glue. Surprise and hats off to you, the shit works great.

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