Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All stop, Drop anchor update

          Well the electrician is up to the normal contractor BS. The front steps guy still has my railing. Hopefully returning it. The Dry wall guys stole my 3 foot level and chain saw blade sharpener thingy.
Other than that, I am down to my time and elbow grease. Or beer pizza and friend's free labor. But no Weekends are free. This week is England Net EA and next Fall In.
         I will need to sand the floor, dry lock and lay down the new one. Then paint the walls, Build the game table, paint racks, move my lead, and set up the printers. But again my needs are at the bottom. Painting the family room and cleaning the floor in there is first.

        Mmmmm, family room should be taken over as the gaming room!
       At least I am no longer jammed up in a closet painting.

Last rant. The asses at home depot trying to explain primer and paint pigment, just about tripped me off line. Jack off there is no true primer in paint. Its a difference in pigment, otherwise why in the seven frozen hells would I need to prime before USING paint with primer? Army painter figured it out.

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