Friday, October 10, 2014

All "STOP" drop anchor

         Yep work stoppage.  Not because of any hate. Because I am pimping my room. Finally I proper space that is just mine. Where I can have a gaming table. Of course there are conditions. The Family gets redone (the real reason) and part of my room becomes a 3D print lab for my daughter.

         The house is a reck. The living room is packed. The back porch full.

         And then there was my old space. Who bought all this shit? I could have retired had I not pissed a pirates fortune away on soldiers. I have enough paint to cover every house in the neighborhood. Clearing one wall and a work bench was an all day event. So needed, the place was apparently pretty ratty.

         Rough sketch of the game room.

The Printer, awaiting it's new home.

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