Thursday, October 16, 2014


The MechaniCon 2014 Grand Tournament

October 24-26, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

         I will hopefully be playing pick up NetEA Friday night and Sunday morning. Then the NetEA tourney come Saturday. The plan is drop VV off with my mom and she will return Sunday to play with me. 
        I have chosen the Blood Angels Developmental list. I wanted to play DAs, but they are still in the works getting flushed out. So sad, no Executioner Predators! Oh well, the BAs got a nasty pile driver. Here is the list;

Blood Angels (V2.3)                                                 2950pts
Death Company 275
Chaplain + 4 Tactical Death Company units

Terminator Detachment                                              800
4 Terminators + Chaplain
x2 Vulcan Dreadnought
x1 Blood Angels Vindicator
x2 Stormraven Gunship
x2 Land Raider Redeemer

Assault Detachment                                                    250
6 Assault Units

Assault Detachment                                                    350
6 Assault Units + 2 Assault Units

Land Speeders                                                             200

Devastator Detachment                                               250
4 Devastators

Predators                                                                     275
Baal Predator

Predators                                                                      275
Baal Predator

Bike Detachment                                                         300
Blood Angels Bikes w/ Attack bike + 2 Land Speeders

          You will notice I am 50 points short. Not so. The armyforge list Storm Ravens at +50
 each as an up grade. They are +75 each. It also has them with 4 Blood strike missiles. They actually only have 2.
           I will easy take the 50 point loss for 4 extra missiles. Either way I win.

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