Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall In

          I finally pre registered for HMGS' Fall In. The games available this year suck. Usually there are two or three games a day, I am tore to choose from. This year there seemed to be only one or two games that I would play in or would want to for the whole weekend.

          I guess it is about time I start hosting games!

         At least we are back at the Lancaster Host. Yeah it is run down and not fancy modern looking. But the food is better and healthier, the gaming rooms are not so overly loud and you can hear your GM, and its not off fucking I95. We need a new location in Federicksburg or a new city.

         The sad part is no Wegmans and the price of beer will remain the same. Those fucktards in Federicksburg never ever charged me the same price for a beer. And when they would charge you the correct price, they gave you too much change back. Southern ed, baby.

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