Monday, October 13, 2014

RF&F ebaying

          Ebaying. There is no way I will ever ever paint enough 15mms to have a game. I can not afford to pay some one to do it. So I am going to buy old collections, armies, crap knocking about.
         This is not my idea. Nope. I straight up stole it from the "BigRedBatCave" dude. He has more Romans then any 6 wealthy people could ever have and he cranks through them. How? He buys painted lots. He fixes up the ebay "PRO" paint jobs. Then rebases the lot.
          So far I bought 1 Army and 2 collections. For the most part the lot is playable and based for RF&F. The most I paid was 3.52 a stand and the lowest 1.27. That is based and painted.
          There is no way to calculate the time it would have taken me to complete this much. 800 or so I have spent total, which includes dudes, rules, and terrain, killer deal!

          111 Union Infantry stands. Properly based, some done well and some half assed.
         151 CSA Infantry stands. Properly based, same deal.
          The rest of both.
           A few generals, 6 Union Cav, 1 CSA Cav, 3 CSA generals, and 4 horse holders.

          4 Cannon

          The rest some keepers. Then there is the shit that is no where close. I may sell it off. Once the first group goes through the repaint and basing. It may may be more time than I wish to invest.

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