Friday, November 21, 2014

30K World Eaters

          The first group arrived yesterday. Last night was a shit show. No chance to pour over my goodies. The Italian did..........., no words. They are kick ass, outstanding. Plus he threw in some extra goodies for me.

World Eaters Bare Metal      = 112
World Eaters Painted            =
World Eater Armor               =
Total Points Completed        =

World Eater Rampagers
World Eater Termies
World Eater Zahlor
World Eater Kharn

          Sadly they all have the Khorne head gear. I will shave 95% of those completely off. Chain axes and bolt pistols, so sweet. They will take for ever to clean up and get mounted.
          Mounted, great question a lot of thought and then I saw the perfect item. I will put them on the round forum ware French bases.

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