Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall In 2015 After Action Report.

          The host continues to be a mess. The bar maid is never at the bar. She needs an expressor. The night guy and the day girl pour differently. The girl is very generous.
The ceiling is leaking every where. The rooms are sort of clean, not what you expect from their price.
The food is still superior to any other con. The noise level and space is way above avg. the staff is very helpful and proper.

1st game,
          F165 Winchester. Ass of the day award goes to Leonard Millman. Leonard argues, dictates, fails to explain or assist any gamer. Extremely mean to new gamers. Yells and bitches whenever his mouth opens. Cheats, by questioning his opportunities, with a complete understanding of the rules and experience with the rule set. If you don't like getting called out, don't be an ass.
          I had a great time. The lads running were funny and terrific hosts.

Union far right flank. My lads trying to get out of the woods
The push up the center
Union break thru

 2nd Game
          RF&F again, F411. Same group of guys hosting. I did not plan it this way. The 1st round with them I wormed my way in. Great time, no bad players. One guy even shared a bottle of single malt.
In this game I was on the extreme left flank. My goal was to force my way down the road and take the cross roads. My single malt friend was to engage and delay any action meant to stall my advance. The center and right flank player had the fun. He rolled buckets of dice and pressed any advantage to draw fire and attention.
I did make it with both of Stonewall's reg. minor victory achieve on turn 9, one turn too slow!

CSA center and only picture. dead phone.

Player shared a single malt bottle

 3rd Game
          Battle Barn invitational game. Dad's contacts introduced me to the Battle Barn guys. Great group, they run 4 to 9 games every Con. This was Zack's baby. He and his father are big Bolt Action fans.
          Japs Vs India reg. the British Indians were working a hold action to get the rest across the bridges. japs needed to smash them out of the way and get across.
          I got to run the Jap right flank. I was on the right flank a lot. My Objectives were to haul ass up the road, clear some fighting pits, and cross the bridge. Poor die rolling saw a Jap win.
         This was my first taste of Bolt Action. As a skirmish game, not a fan. As a platoon level game, not a fan. I think there are better rule sets. As a Con game, it is perfect. It is easy to pick up, fast paced, fun, and there is a lot of action.

Long way to the Objectives
Poor Phil failed to blow the bridge in time.
4th Game, Irregular insurgents and the random mobs. I love playing these wack jobs. Wack jobs not out of disrespect, but they always fail activations and get to do crazy shit. In the case we tried to steal the MRAP. It was unlocked but we failed to activate.mostly drank scotch and assisted in the understanding of FoF. Both had never played. Activation was the biggest pain. No surprise for new players.
         There were more players than available room. Due to playing a lot of FoF. I teamed up with a young gun and another gent to run the crazies. I 
         The government forces won this one. USMC took second. We took 3rd.

5th Game, Zombies. A home brew rules. Chunky, too many calculations and charts references for everything. But all in all it was fun. I got gang banged by 20 zombies and 2 zombie dogs. It was classic movie action death.

Brain hungry Zombies pouring over a wall. When they cross they fall and get up next turn.

Thats my character with the green base.

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