Friday, November 14, 2014

"Fall In" wally's steals

          I hate having the time to go walk around the Wally's event. I piss more away. The Vendor hall I can keep my cash in hand. But this event always gets my coin.
         Wally's basement deals. Slow to show off the steals I got.
Trees 15 beans. Like I need more trees. I am sure some where there is a box of trees I have done dick all nothing with.
Bases. This guy got me with "hey both bags for 5." Of course I said yes. What hell am I going to mount the trees to. Like the trees will ever make it out of the box!
More shield stickers. Little Big Men at 4 a piece. I got the dude down to 4 by taking the lot of them. Whatever ones I don't use, I'll ebay them.
Then the Vendor hall. Steel bases to magnetize my Epic dude. Plus add weight to the stands. Plus some more bases. These dudes will get used up quickly. They are the bottoms for my 6mm palm trees.

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