Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"All Stop" continues

          As always I am low priority. The family room is first. Let me tell you, True Coat PlusII, fucking get one. Yes, it is expensive, but figure all the BS you would normally use and your time. My time is at a premium!
          Painting blows! Not any more. First time using it, I primed the whole room in less then an hour. That includes un-boxing and general monkey business getting it sorted.
          It does take a few extra steps for blue taping and prep work. Other wise it is lighting fast. Clean up, is remove excess paint, run one soapy and then a clear water container thru it. Done!

          Then last night I did 3 walls in 1/2 an hour including cleaning it.You will notice over spray on the ceiling and the floor in my picture. The floor is getting replaced last and the electrician, surprise, is not done installing the light. So my ceiling is next to last.

         Down side, it is a sprayer. There will be over spray. There will be a shit ton of dust. You will notice I covered the entrance. If you don't, you will end up dusting your whole house. (Fireplace insert was off)

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