Monday, November 17, 2014

NetEA mission

          Remember when we played just to laugh at each other. The days before the structured tourney game format became the golden unit, for all which fun was measured by. Wipe away the hours sweating over that one ball breaking, turd pushing list.
          I like tourney play. I get more games in over the course of a day. I get to see all sorts of shenanigans play out. And I gain a deep tactical understanding for the combined arms within NetEA. The end of turn 3 who has what, 3k Vs 3k, produces some predicable results. It is great for list development/design.
           Do we really have to have a fair chance to win, to have fun? Lets grab some beers, and load up on uncaused stress as we tackle a scenario with a developing situation built in.

         This is a nontraditional, non tourney mission. I copied this from someone else. Credit is your, bit can't remember were I just saw it!

EDIT: Source sited, check it here: Tales of The Legend

Titanic Struggle

The world of Ikaban-7 has been under siege from the orks for several weeks now. Forces of the Adeptus Militarum, alongside a small contingent of the Imperial Fists have only managed to slow the tide of the green skins.

In an attempt to even the odds the Imperial Fists send a small task force to investigate an ancient manufactotum which has been rumored to be the resting place of the "Fist of the Apostle".
Aware of the small force breaking off from the heavily defended main lines, the Orks cannot resist the easy target. Huge numbers race towards this force in attempt to get a good fight rather than the meat grinder they're currently involved in.

Responding the the planetary distress signal the Blood Angel cruiser Red Wind, moves into orbit and starts landing forces South of the main Ork force. Scouts report a small Imperial Fist force about to be overwhelmed so dispatch a force to intervene.

4000 points - 4 players ( we played 4 players with 1000 Imperial Fists and the reaver controlled by one player and the Blood Angels by another. The Orks were divided between the other two players.)
Specific army composition rules

- nothing larger than a standard Gargant
- only one flier formation
- no space craft

- Must take 1 Reaver Titan (see mission rules)
- No other Titans may be taken
- Only 1 formation of aircraft may be taken
- No spacecraft may be taken

Mission rules and victory conditions
    Manufactotum is placed as an objective in the center of the table. A 1000pt Imperial fist Garrison is placed at the Manufactorum with hastily constructed defenses.
    All Blood Angels are held in reserve, the follow the standard rules for and escalation excel a turn later than normal (ie vehicles over a certain speed arrive turn 2, slower ones turn 3 etc etc).
    The Reaver titan is inactive at the Manufactorum. At the start of turn 2 and every turn there after, roll a dice, if you roll equal to or under the turn the titan is activated and may act normally that turn. If the imperials have 1 or more unengaded, unbroken units holding the objective they get -1 to the roll.
    Ork forces cannot start with any Garrisons, all Orks come on from reserve as they activate. They can choose what detachments come on each turn but they can only bring on D3 / Turn (Turn 1 get get the max 3). No Gargants can be brought on, on turn 1. If a detachment is over 500pts it takes 2 points from the D3.

Finally there is 3 other objectives placed around the board.
The game ends at the end of turn 8.
- 2 VPs to the side who holds the Manufactorum
- 1 VPs / other objective
- 3 VPs (imperials) if the Titan gets off the board on their table edge
- 3 VPs (Orks) if it's destroyed
- 1 VP if you kill the opponent warlord

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