Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drop Anchor update

           It has been a long drawn out affair. All the construction was contracted out. Sucks, because it is easy. I would have only needed the time to do it. Part of the electrical and most of the finishing work I did at night after VV went to sleep. With only 1 or 2 hours a night my initial schedule for completion was "a crazy man's."

           The ceiling is painted, and the walls are done. Only touch up and some free hand are in order, low hanging fruit! No this is not the game room. This is the bloodly family room.
          This is the project that allowed me to fund Black Ops. Black Ops = pimped out game room. Just like the military I have floated one project within the budget of another.

          On to the important part. The game room! Everything that was in there originally is stacked up and stored in my room is all over the house. Hell there are 9 boxes of GoeHex in my bedroom. I really need to get cracking!
          The floor, hmmm, only the corner that collects or leaks water will get dry locked. The paint that on the floor now is a complete mofo to get up. I have pissed away move time fucking around with that dam floor. Yeah I tried a sander and chemicals and a butt ton of sweat. So it can stay there. Some other poor bastard can deal with it. I will lay the tile right over the top.
          The bare dry wall will get primed tonight and painted this weekend. Maybe I can even get the electrical banged out.

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