Monday, December 1, 2014

Drop Anchor.........Game Room.......

         Finally all attention and effort is focused on me! My pimped out game room.

         The Mofo-ing paint sprayer blew up on me. Not the actual sprayer but the attachment to do the ceilings. One of the bendable joint is completing porked. Even after taking it apart, cleaning and reassemble, it continued to fail. I stuck that dripping, paint cover bitch back in its packaging and dropped on lowie's return desk. With a giant WTF!
          Now I got to do the ceiling by hand. I hate rolling ceilings. I do the ceiling this summer. The smell of paint is killing me now. On a good note electrical is finished and all the walls primed.

         The long weekend was a bonus. I sprayed the walls, put up the outlet covers, and started to lay the floor. The foam flooring is hopefully going to allow for all day gaming with no sore feet and knees!

         The table plans are drawn up. Recruits to assist lined up. Thanksgiving weekend is the scheduled table build weekend. Hell, we shall see what happens when the meat hits the metal?

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