Monday, December 8, 2014

Gaming room

Table Construction.

        I had like 4 hours without my daughter. Turned Two! I went and got the wood, cut, chopped, screwed and glued. 1/4 inche ply with 1 x 3 support pieces. All the screw holes are counter sunk. The top is smooth.
        Initially I grab two sheets of 3/4 ply. It was way too heavy and still would flex under it's own weight. If I was going to have to screw down support beams, why not go lighter, thinner.
          One of the 6 by 4 foot section. In the end I will have a 8 x 6 footer. This size will fit the room and handle just about every RF&F scenario. I made the call to be able to break the table down in case we ever relocated.
General Progress

         99% of the flooring is down. Pictures are going up on the walls. Even have started to move terrain in from storage. Progress is moving along finally. With any hope the table construction will begin.

         While all the initial construction was going on, I order new paint racks. GamesCraft Miniatures had a sale for Veterans day. I took advantage and hooked my self up. I have a ton of paint. (Foundry, Vallejo, GW, P3, GameColor, Army painter, Italia) With the idea of a larger gaming table I would need to maximize space. I would not be able to have a prep table, paint table, basing table. Nor was I doing commissions any more. In fact I will be cutting 17" off one end of my paint table.
          Now I just have to ebay the old rotating paint racks.

           The Other table? I have been piling this and that on it. I need clean it off, organize, and build shelves to sit under it.

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