Tuesday, December 9, 2014

For sale

There is the 1000 Sons army. Then these beasts.

Fan made Leman Russ tank company.
Super Heavy 1
Super Heavy 2. This lot can make all the different variations.


  1. Hi i am interested by your model please send me a mail at nikosadonis12345@gmail.com


  2. Sorry sold out fast. Keep watching, as I move everything back into the game room. there will be others

  3. hi thanks if you are a other model please contact me i am like your horus heresy model but it's very very hard for buy this model

    good day

  4. Jacky, If you can find a model maker on the french forum. They will be able to provide an introduction to the vendor of the Horus Heresy models. Other than that I would troll Taccmd forum for the manufacturer. The vendor is difficult to get an introduction to and only sells to friends of friends. Sorry

  5. hi yes just for a friend of friends my friends is not a friends of friends off this seller !!
    thanks you for your message
    see you soon and good job for your blog

  6. Hi there, was just wondering if the Thousand Sons were still available?