Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Santa was good to me!

         Nothing like a good long weekend. Finally back from Mom's. Time went by faster than normal and I was able to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar!

         Later report on the haul from old Saint Nick. Good little boy get books for Xmas. Or at least they do in my family. Even my little girl got books! I got 4 new ones. 2 will cycle to the top of the pile right away.

**Force on Force's Bush Wars

         More interesting than I initially thought it would be. I only quickly flipped through it as my daughter was more interested in making me play dollies. (Scale is bigger than I like, but soldiers all the same.) I was taken by the development of irregular warfare in Africa. In actuality long ago my interest stopped with the Zulus and never picked back up. Yeah I watched Blackhawk down, but never sparked enough flame for me to read anything more. Now I will start to hunt down german colonial actions, Portuguese and South African actions.

**Martin Dugard's Training Ground,

        All about the Mexican War. I started reading this one right away. 69 pages into it the first night. Quick read.

** Stephan Talty's Empire of Blue Water

** David Karunanithy's Macedonian War Machine

One more a loaner from dad. Whatever dad pulls from his shelf is unusually good.

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