Friday, December 12, 2014

Table build continues

        So close to being finish. It is the little bit here and there. Glue the last support beams to the bottom of the gaming surface.
        What a door? It was the old door to the space. By code a fire door, nope the new door is a fire and security door. Metal framed and lined with a 2 hour burn time. Too bad the sheet rock's burn time is less.
        Hmmm where the hell am I going to put that? The workers should have taken that piggy with them.
        Lesson learned; I didn't properly set the table's edge lip high enough. I wanted it high enough up that it would stop the hex tiles, double stacked, from shifting. Total fail! I will get have a hex's height.
        Lesson number two. I put those furniture moving disc under each leg and the center support. They are attached by screws because there is no way in hell once it is load up I would be able to lift it to put back under. The whole table now slides, with good effort, across the flooring

        The storage options underneath will be an ongoing development. I had a plan, not any more. I will create custom parts as the year goes on. The first will be the buildings and fields in 6/20/28mm. Once they are safely packed away space will open up.

Next will be a way to store the GeoHex tiles. There are a cubic butt ton of them.

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