Wednesday, December 3, 2014


         Today was my birthday, like any deployment, it is another day. Sad? No.

         Nothing special. But so perfect! Is it strange to find comfort in one or two mates only knowing what the day is?

          Fuck a cake , ice cream and balloons. I need no presents. It is enough to be thankful. I am blessed to be able to serve. This year more so, to drink single malt and smoke a cigar with the dog. To eat with my little girl and read her a bedtime story.

           I do miss my mates and my brothers, the weight of the gear and fit of the uniform. Yet this day was a good day, a very good day.  For all those who stand watch tonight, hold the line, and my friends who stand the eternal watch as I reflect on this day.

All my love brothers! All my love

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