Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 failures

          What got finish in 2014?   Ha!    More like what was started and never finished. A complete year of half ass attempts. With only 170 painted for the year! Ahhh, its almost 100 less than last year.

          I need a slave driver, someone to ensure my focus is directed at the task. Someone who will help me not look away.

Epic Forge World Table
         Epic Fail; Nothing, not one single tile completed. Progress was made only to discover the FW road tiles are not truly square. Lesson learned; multiple GW boards must be layed out for trule road alignment.
         Only thing done was casting of the roads and pill boxes. 

NetEA Dark Angels
         About average for a work in progress. This is not an army I play with. It was meant to be kitted out as a loaner army, a training tool. Being so it was never a high priority. One of those projects on the side to bang out while others dry.

NetEA Blood Angles
        A win! The storm ravens and other missing units were added. The BAs can come out and play any created list.
        I got the new Italian BAs. The characters and BA specific minis to kit out the current army. 

Horus Heresy World Eaters, Taccmd's Tale of Epic Gamers.

Regimental Fire &Fury Army Purchase
        Winner winner chicken dinner. I have all the terrain and 90% of the InF stands. With only Cav, and markers to add. There are some that will need rebasing. This is something that won't stop the show. It is for my personal preference.

3D Printing.
         Epic fail; teaching my daughter and printing the first toy by Xmas. The printers finally arrived. The last one coming a week before Xmas. The software has been downloaded. Both of us are monkeys when it comes to using it.

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