Thursday, December 25, 2014

Visions for 2015


        #1 HH World Eaters
        #2 Epic buildings.
        #3 HH Emperor's Children

         In the background, finish up the Epic DAs and BAs. Continue chipping away at the 20mm FoF and Zombies. Basing some RF&F and completing markers.
         Way down the list are 28mm Romans, 20mm Colonials, and 28mm M&T.
         No matter what gets done. I want to have more than 400 painted total by year's end.

        #1 Epic city table
        #2 20mm terrain

        Tall order. Vacation time is limited this year. As I will blow it all in the first two months.The challenge, as always is the monthly NE gaming. The weekends always seem to be the busiest. Also establish the NJ bi monthly gaming. New friends were made and there is a strong interest in getting regular gaming going.
        Tallest of the Tall Order. I have signed up for AdeptiCon. Also promised to supply terrain. I can easily support multiple tables with little effort. The Tall Order comes from wanting to supply some completely off the hook tables.

Host game at the house again!
HMGS Cold Wars
NE NetEA monthly gaming
NJ NetEA bi-monthly gaming
HMGS HistoriCon
HMGS Fall In
     *Host a game*

         Try hard to get in some M&T games. This is the most wishy, wish list of the year.

         Clamp down on the hobby budget. I blew a pirates fortune last year. This year I need to park my ass down and paint.

        Move all the lead and plastic collecting dust to new homes. After the remodeling, it became far to apparent how much extra crap is kicking about. Sell off the last of the 28mm 40K.

3D Printing
         Master the software in the first two months. Train my 4 year old to draw her own toys by the 4th of July. Then printing her toys.

         I will stick to not taking any. I am out of the business! The last one about killed my interest in painting.
        There is no time for my own stuff. Also I have no interest in painting armies for others any more. And no one off terrain pieces. I may print items, but that is it.

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