Tuesday, December 9, 2014

World Eater Spartan test

          Spartans. Primed white, washed black. So small I wanted to be able to pick out the detail. The wash allows to see what I would normally miss under electric lights of winter. They are beautiful. Great detail!
         The wash is Army Painter dark tone. I use it a lot of my 28mm ancients. It could just be in my head, but I think it makes it faster to paint if I coat them in this. Normally I skip this step in any below 25mm.
          I will be using Foundry's 67A White as a base coat.
          The blues are Foundry's  74A as a base.
        The treads are Vallejo's Hull Red. All GW paint schemes are cartoonish and primary. Solid bright Blue, Green, yellow, red. When I can, always Hull Red for the treads. It breaks and spicys up the cartoon color.

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