Monday, December 15, 2014

Game Table storage

          Done! Well sort of. The table is finished, everything is out of storage and back into the house. Only thing to do is get it sorted.
         You can see the clamp in the lower right. My head 1, table zero. But it hurt so bad I cried out in pain and not the normal avalanche of MoFos and BOSs. Did not black out but it was a standing 8 count.
          The second bench has become a landing pad for everything that I don't know what to do with. The lower left of the table I have set up to start casting and the upper left flocking. I had like 4 projects that were waiting on flocking,       A.D.D. overdriver. This is why nothing ever gets done.
Little help to stay focused
        As I am sorting the mess, I keep finding things that must go or I over bought. Check ebay and TacComs War Gaming trades! The stuff must go, find a loving home.

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