Friday, August 29, 2014

City Table Buildings part IV


Dark Angel Statue
          The Traffic circle statue is done. At first I wanted a lady liberty copper look. Then when with copper skin and gold leaf look. I did not spend any effort of time on the base. Later down the road I may revisit it with some weathering.

          Another Forge World building. This one is a copy. I picked it up when I bought the dude in Atlanta's collection. I got all his FW originals and a few copies, plus his DA army. The DAs were cherry picked and pieced out for sale on ebay.

         All of the building will be painted to a gaming standard. I don't or won't have the time to pimp each one. There is going to be a ton of buildings to be painted. 

Forge World Adminstratium
          The 2 FW Adminstratium Building was done along side the Cathedral. Quick and easy, nothing special. They look the same, some building will have to. This will be the standard for every building but the special ones or those created as objectives.

The support beams are different. Can't have every building looking the same.

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