Saturday, August 2, 2014

City Table V

          Roads.............Holy cow..........roads. A crazy drinking monkey told me I would need more road tiles then any crazy monkey would ever want. Yeah yeah i said, I got me plenty. Well he was right. 200 beans and 2 days later SmoothOn to the rescue. Screw you FW, if you sold the dam things, I would not be wasting me good time.

          I initially planned on mounting a selection of tiles to plexi with white glue. What a mess! Two days of bull docking around got me no where with the white.

          I ran down to CVS for some old school rubber glue. The shit your mates were sniffing in 8th grade. It will get ya high, but attaches roads to plexi like it was its sole job.

         Then right on to the lego tactical ops. I rubber glued them down too. Then lined it out with clay, to stop any leaks.

          Mold release. There is nothing worse than digging your master out of rubber. Two light coats and one high with an after brushing.
         12oz of each part A and B. Total guess! But you'll notice I selected the 60. With the extra pot time, you can add more on top if you screwed the volume/amount guess. Also it allows for extra mixing and time for the bubbles to pop up to the surface.
          I also use an unconventional tool. I hold a vibrating dick to the outside of the blocks and rub it along the plexi. I believe this helps the bubbles float to the top.
          After curing for 20 hours. De-mold time. It need some cleaning up, but I am very happy.
          I will have to make at least two more molds. Than I should be able to pour out enough roads to cover two GW realms of battle boards. Plus do some interesting cuts and angles with the roads throughout the city.

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