Tuesday, August 26, 2014

City Table VI

    Long time no up date. My time has been gobbled up. Plus I had to give up the space I used to lay out the GW board tiles. I got my space back and time is freeing up.
          I want flat backs to the roads with little to no bubbles. Or bubbles I have to fix. I get great detail from the molds. But I wanted to experiment with something other than a gravity pour. The experiment turned into a mess. Experimenting wastes time and gets me no where closer to finishing a tile. This is the last experiment as the KISS and eyes on the prize principals are the guiding force.

          Experiment one; Low height gravity pour without vibration. No surface bubbles. Bubbles throughout. Maybe I failed to stir it up enough.

          Experiment two; Same pour, but a flat plate and weights where applied. This created air pockets and squeezed out some of the resin. No effect to surface detail.
          The upper one is the surface. The bottom the back side.

         In the end this was a total cluster. I pissed a way a whole night's free time. I will be straight up high gravity pouring out the rest. No more wasted time or resouces.

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