Friday, August 1, 2014

City Table IV

          The road tiles leading up to the Acropolis were changed out to the ruined road tiles. I did this because the tiles were smaller and allowed for more flexibility in laying down the road. Also the original idea of pinning the tile down while they dried with magnets caused them to shift position.

          For the road bed Pre-mixed grout was used. I am comfortable using it, its water based, long dry time, and looks like sand when dried. Besides I am sticking down tiles. 
         Bonus when pressing the tiles down into the grout, the grout fills the gap between each tile.
          The completed up hill road. The last tile lifted or flexed off the hill top as it dried. I don't know exactly how I will get it back down. I think my two best options are to; One heat it, glue it, and hold it down with magnets. Two score the top, cut out some of the road bed, and reattach it.
          While things were drying, I began working on the traffic circle's center piece. I took a light house base from some ship steam punk game and the DA from the box set. Both were ebay goodies. The DA was sprayed dark green. Then hit from an angle with light green. The base is not attached and both still need work.

          And I was dicking around with this guy again. Some days I hate painting him and others are a joy. But its a battle just to start up.

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