Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Desert hills and palm trees

          I will use these hills for 20 and 6mm. There was a dude running a game at Historicon with these. Great product placement! The table looked the balls. I know at once I had to get some. Of course the finished product was crazy priced. I quickly determined I could do better than they did for about 45% of the finished items cost. I bought the bear resin and straight up stole some sand from the kiddy box.
           These dudes took about 3 hours total. Including washing to sealing. Easy project to bang out while waiting on other thing to dry.

          The palm trees are for 6mm Epic. They are actually 3mm in scale, but fit right in, scale most be off. Made in Poland, by Oddzial Osmy s.c. The trees come 30 to a box. There is a lot, lot of flash. The bases are from the same company that did the hills. Being deep into a bottle of scotch I can not recall the name. I snatched up 4 boxes. What you see is one box.
          Easy to paint up. Color spray the trunks, 2 tone spray the leafs, sand box sand and done.

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