Thursday, August 7, 2014

City Table "Buildings" part I

         Now, now y'all think I have been sitting around. Another Epic city table failure. Ha!

                    I been painting.

          The FW church! The roof needs its final highlight of green. The upper or stained glass looking windows I am pretty much happy with. The lower ones will be a blue/black. I finished the inset statues on the front two towers. Also the flat roof was blocked in.

Forge World Cathedral

          Creating two buildings with my 3 year old. She has an eye for rubble placement. Can't tell you why but her work is good enough.
         Both have the same foot print as the tank factory. The standard FW building and the tank factory's foot print will allow for a different city each time. As none of the building will be mount to the board itself.
          It is amazing what LN2 and a needle gun does to resin. (I would practice on some BS pieces you have laying around. Also be very comfortable with LN2 before you even think of touching the stuff. Very bad, unrepairable shit can happen to you if it TOUCHES YOU!) The first building got just a very little rested on top. The other 3 well, they were submerged.
         The base is cork with plasticard layering the top and forming the walls. The small little boxes will have trees in them in the end.

           The rubble between the ruins is a layering process. To be completely organic, I will be building upon each prior layer of rubble. In the past, I would have back filled with green stuff or clay. It never ever truly looked real. New technique.

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